Lets Play A Word Game


So, we have avatars with letters in them and on the users column there are 5 places displaying avatars… Lets see what 5 letter words we can make there, shall we?

If that turns out to be not fun, how about we build words out of all the avatars from other posts in the thread(assuming the thread gets long enough).

Either way, lets have some fun!


Trouble is, some of us have avatar pics instead so… kinda spoils the fun!


I suppose that is true, which is why I proposed the secondary game, where everyone can play, using the lettered avatars.


Yeah I’m not really following how that one would work. How does that include people without letters for their avatar?

It does seem like a fairly amusing enterprise… =)


Say someone with an R posts next… Then someone with an F, and then someone with an O. Anyone could then use those avatars, to spell FOR(not exactly a fun word), but then someone posts with a D, and suddenly, you could do Fjord. It sadly involves a bunch of people with letters posting, before the game really takes off…


Have a P.

character limit.


Yeah I get how the letter version of the game would work. What I don’t get, is how people with image avatars can participate. You made an alternative suggestion that apparently could include them, but I’m not making the connection how that would be.


The same way other word games work. After awhile this thread could have a bank of letters, and you just make interesting words out of them.


Ohhhhh gotcha, so like Scrabble, just pick the tiles and make a word. Not that they have to organically line up to spell the word in question. Got it.


This is a T

also, more words…


There should be a points system if you can manage to make a word containing certain letters, like X or Z or Q… LOL


You called?



We need some vowels…


Another consonant for the mix.
New challenge: get as many consonants as possible before a vowel shows up.


We’re not very good at this.


Once the J above me is removed, We will begin spelling "Meat"
Assuming the Z and T are ignored.
Come-on, someone with a T needs to be after me, then someone with an Avatar (maybe a meat avatar) to end the word!



And the game begins with a racial slur. Not good, guys. I blame Rosa Labs.


Awww, but the J had been flagged for removal by the author and is now gone. Now we have no word.


We had “MEAP”, aka Michigan Educational Assessment Program.
Now we have Pam, a cooking spray.


Sorry for my absence… :stuck_out_tongue: We can always try again. :slight_smile: