Lets see how this works out


Just found out about soylent. Ordered a 2 weeks supply.

I lost a tooth a while back and ended up on essentially a liquid diet because I work 60 hours a week and haven’t made it to the dentist yet. Would rather be hungry than something stuck in the broken tooth. I’ve also been wanting to get back into weight lifting.

Was looking for something better than the “OhYeah!” protein drinks I get at the gas station. Then my brother was like “oh I read about this soylent stuff on reddit”

Now I am here. 0_o


Welcome to the community! If you don’t want to wait for the Soylent to arrive, or if you’d like to try to make your own soylent, we can help you with that too!


Welcome @snesguy2 … I like everyone else is waiting oh so patently for the official Soylent. But after seeing how easy everyone was doing DIY, I jumped into it a few months back. Very easy to order everything off of Amazon or like online sites. Grab a scale and mix away. If interested check out some of Quids recipes. He does his homework and knows his shit. http://diy.soylent.me/users/QuidNYC


Thanks. I was thinking about it.

I DIY my ecig juice too.


Welcome @snesguy2 !
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aaand 4 months or so later. I got my soylent yesterday.
That was a fair bit longer than I was expecting.

Doesn’t taste as bad as I thought it might.
Think I need to get one of those personal sized smoothie blenders
and mix a small amount of nuts, date, raisins and/or spices.

I get the feeling anything good in oat meal would taste fine with this.

Edit: I still haven’t made it to the dentist either. >_>


Well I went and got the mini blender
Dates, Raisins, peanut butter, sun butter, nutella, and bananas.

Surprised how much smoother/creamy half a banana and a table spoon of sun butter made it.
I had an odd moment of "Yes, this will do nicely… >.> "

On the other hand I’m about 2 days in and… I have a pretty bad head ache and I’m a bit shaky.


You might try adding 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized salt per bag of official Soylent. If you look at the amount of sodium shown on the bag, you’ll see it’s pretty low.


Welcome to Soylent, sorry it took 4 months. My first advice on the headache would be try DIY, but if a 4 month wait didn’t drive you to it or to the dentist then I’m guessing a headache won’t either. Most people get over the headache within a week, but definitely add the salt and drink plenty of water.
You could try some sucralose and vanillian some people seem to be more sensitive to them than others. Wait until your headache is gone (maybe morning?) then take a big dose of the artificial crap they added, if the headache comes back then maybe Soylent won’t work for you.


Good chance its the salt. I work out in the heat all day, drinking around 2 gallons of water a day,
My eating habits were pretty high in sodium as well.


Well I just ate dinner.
A glass of soylent blended with a spoon full of peanut butter, a date, half a banana, and some cinnamon
Along with half of a small apple. Currently drinking a glass of fruit punch crystal light that I salted.

I feel stuffed actually. Think I would of been good with just a bite of the apple to cleanse my palate.

This is down from four to five 1/2 lb bean and cheese burritos for dinner all last week via fast food.