Let's talk color


This is related to the Gas/Bowel issues thread, but a bit more specific… so when you are on official Soylent (I finally got 1.0 last week so I’m behind most of you and have only been on soylent for 3 days), and you make your occasional trips to the uh, flusher… Can we talk color? I feel like that’s been under-discussed. I’m also curious about how Soylent is affecting me vs. other people.


Question on stools



Not sure how you guys made it display like that, but these are the closest I’ve found: http://www.colorpicker.com/DEB887 or FAC674


Somewhere between dark khaki and brass. Not going to go through the color chart since it’s in alphabetical order and not grouped by color family.


Quick screenshot. I use a little program called Gyazo - might want to look into it. Free & auto-uploads to the web really quick.


Mine is consistently

Though maybe a touch darker.


I love the idea of shitting “heart gold”.

Alas, my diy won’t yield such hevenly results.