LF DIY Soylenteer in NYC area for intro to DIY


Hi There,

Short version:

Is there anyone who makes DIY Soylent in the NYC area? I would like to try some DIY before investing hundreds into ingredients to fill the void before Retail Soylent ships out.

Long Version:

I’ve been very interested in Soylent for a while now…Finally bit the bullet and ordered some (knowing there would be a wait of about a month). Then there was the last delay (rice protein I think). Brushed that off and said Ill start getting myself ready…Been eating a lot less and drinking ensure/nutrement to get my body used to being full of liquid and primarily getting nutrition in that form.

Going well enough but I know that ensure is NOT the same thing as Soylent. Even if Soylent starts shipping out in a month, that is still a damn long time and I don’t want my excitement to fade before I get the stuff (have trouble committing to positive life choices especially to do with health). Once I dove into the forums and realized that this is not the first and possibly not the last delay with Soylent shipping out I decided to check the DIY community.

general Newbie DIY i dont know what recipe to use stuff blah blah blah what if i poison myself blah blah blah soy or whey blah blah blah one comment said this recipe had toxic amounts of this and that blah blah blah :}

Basically i’ve read a lot that taste and texture can be an issue…that the retail Soylent product is delayed because they are waiting for the super fine mesh (something or other) which makes it smoother and easier to drink. So my concern is that…that the DIY version might be so far removed from the Final Retail Soyent that i will not be enjoyable to drinkable and I will have wasted Hundreds of Dollars to get all the DIY supplies for nothing…I would like a baseline to make sure that DIY is a route worth investing in (for me and my tastes and thoughts on the whole concept).

So that is all, I would like to know if there are any DIY Soylent folk in the NYC area who would be willing to mix me up a glass (or a days/weeks) worth of DIY Soylent to try to get an Idea of what I could expect from doing it myself. Of course I will gladly pay for the used ingredients, even for labor and tip…what ever you want…I just want to take another step forward towards a future possibly filled with Soylent (and a healthier me).

Thanks all for reading!!!


I’d be glad to send you some in the mail, though I’m in Seattle. If you wanna work something out I’d be glad to. Just started myself, and can say that while it’s not a perfect product, the people chow recipe is a great starting point, and allows for rather simple adjustments of ratios. (As posted, People Chow is 53/17/30 - yikes!)

I posted about my reactions to it here and like others will I’m sure, I encourage you to take the dive. If you know in your heart and soul that this is the right KIND of product for you, then I’d say you’re fine, go for it.

The people chow is gritty a bit but I find that my altered recipe which is 40/30/30 to be far less gritty because there’s so much more silky, creamy whey protein isolate. Additionally, mixing and shaking it about 3 hours before I eat is ideal as this elminates virtually all of the grit. I have found 30 mins (as others have suggested) to be insufficient to satisfy my palate for texture.

This is my 40/30/30 recipe which falls 4% short of DRI for phosphorous, and a bit shy on fiber which I plan to supplement with psyllium husk, and also note that this is a 2400 calorie not 2000 calorie recipe.


Very fun post to read! I feel ya. I just spent over $300 on DIY. It’s kind of scary, but I wanted to get started while waiting for the real thing. My comfort is that it will last me for two months which is cheap for a two-month food budget.

I wish you all the best and look forward to your future posts.


Well, I know @QuidNYC is a NYC native. I’m in Maryland, not too far off. Depending on what you’re looking for, it could be easy to do a basic batch without plunking down too much cash - Most recipes are optimized for daily cheapest cost, not cheapest upfront cost.

Basically, you need a handful of powders to fill out the micros, but the rest doesn’t have to be bought in bulk If you’re willing to pay a bit more per day, you might be able to start without too much of an investment. Bob’s Red Mill sells soy flour in many stores, which is mainly protein. If you’re willing to use milk as a protein source, then I’m pretty sure you can get up front costs down below $100 for a weeks supply, just to try it out before you commit.


$100 would already be commitment…I;d rather not go bottom of the barrell…i just wanna try before i buy is all.


So yah…thanks for the bit of support guys…i guess its what i needed…olive…you mentioned people chow…so I looked into that…then you mentioned you changed it with a link…in comparing people chow to yours i started understanding how to play with reciepe a little bit…it was just enough to get me thinking…a few links later I was watching a video of a guy actually making a batch from scratch to blenderbottle. between ur recommendation and willingness to support along with the video making it seem simple enough…I just made my first order…Enough of the big ticket items to make about a weeks worth id say…then I will guage reupping after that…wish me luck…I plan to start with original people chow (leaving room for some cheating with food which i expect) and move towards your version if i see im able to resist food and want to see the difference…thanks again all for responses and the motivation…should get everything by end of month.


been seeing a lot of posts about canadians having trouble ordering ready to go from Amazon…made me think… Free Health Care or Easy DIY Soylent supplies…just saying… lol


BTW $130ish with a $14 scale… minus the oil.



Great job dude! Congrats! You’re going to be glad you went for it. If you need any help with tweaking or anything let me know. I like that recipe since I can easily adjust protein (whey protein isolate) or carbs (masa) or fat (oil) and then tweak the choline and potassium. Very simple indeed.

FYI, be aware that regular old vegetable oil is the same thing as that fancy vegetable oil they link to on Amazon in the original recipe. It’s just regular vegetable oil. If you check the label, veg oil is usually soybean oil.

Good luck and congrats!


thanks…ill probably take you up on your offer for advice once i get going…do you have any feedback on my private message? larger guy who sits a lot and such…also the 3000% stuff.

So I should be looking to make sure its soybean vegi oil…will do…thanks


I’m working on a reply to your PM. I wanted to put some stuff publicly rather than put it all in a PM to you. Will have a reply to you shortly. :slight_smile:


no worries…i just sent it personal cause of the mention of payment…didnt want that out in the public space…yes totally reply here…should i repost the question to help people with a reference?


No big deal. The question was about height/weight and the Riboflavin and something else being quite high possibly messing with someone who works behind a desk most of the day.

I am about 6’, 290ish, and a hearty mix of muscle and fat, with too much fat still. I have found that for whatever reason, my body really wants a 40/30/30 ratio, not a 50/20/30 ratio. The extra energy items don’t seem to be causing me any trouble. I seem to be fairly alert and am drinking a lot less caffeine.