Life After Food: My Soylent Experience


I’ve decided to start a new thread for my experience rather than hijacking the Soylent In The Media thread every few days. I’m going all Soylent for two weeks. Here’s how its going.

Day One
Day Two
Day Three & Four
One Week In
Two Weeks Without Food


fat guy in leeetle coooooaaatttt! er uh…skullcap!



Update: Day two is (mostly) in the books!


Excellent Carlton! Until I actually get my Soylent, I really enjoy reading these blog posts. You’re a terrific writer too.

Please keep it up.


Great post! I also very much enjoy your writing, and look forward to more!


Thanks @Melon_Collie!

@vanclute, I’ve been meaning to ask you if you’ve tried “expecting” different flavors to see how Soylent conforms to them. I’m extremely sensitive to expectations vs reality (think accidentally getting coke when you thought it was coffee) and Soylent has been tough for me because the taste is so difficult to nail down. It seems like my stomach is “bracing for anything” every time I take a sip.

Thats when I remembered what you said about someone (your GFs mom I think?) saying they thought it tasted like chocolate. Now I know it doesn’t taste like chocolate, but I decided to try drinking it thinking “this is going to be chocolate”. And you know what? It worked!

I’m still not crazy about the ambiguity of the taste, but coming in with something to frame the taste has really helped. I’d be interested to see if you or others start tasting chocolate if that’s the thought you go in with. Just imagine Rob came in tomorrow and told everyone “Yeah, its totally chocolate flavored” and see if you can taste it. If it works for you to, I think it would be interesting to see how many flavors you can mind-bend the flavor of Soylent into.

If this works, please remember: With great power, comes great responsibility.


If things pan out, luxurious, indulgent meals enjoyed with family and friends need not be culinary guilt trips to regret in hindsight. Instead, they’ll be culinary vacations from the norm, to be savored in a way I couldn’t normally appreciate.

^^^THIS^^^ :smiley:




Hah… That’s pretty cool! Not sure I can trick myself quite so easily but I’m game to try!

Wow I think you may kinda be onto something. I’m killing time waiting for my car to get serviced and have my soylent with me. I decided to imagine it being grape flavored (since chocolate or vanilla seemed way too easy…) and took a swig.

I wouldn’t quite say that it actually tasted like grape, but it DID taste different! That’s pretty wild.


“With great powder, comes great responsibility.”

LOLOLOLOL!!! That’s awesome.


That’s awesome. I tried it too. It was definitely not grape, but it did impart a different flavor, though the aftertaste was still quite familiar. I can totally see this becoming a “thing”.

“What’s that you’re using to flavor you’re Soylent? Vanilla? Peanut butter? That’s cute. I flavor mine WITH MY MIND!!”

EDIT: Used the wrong form of “you’re”. I am ashamed.


Let the punishment suit the crime! Castor oil flavored Soylent for you! < /jedi mind trick >


Maybe we should try this on the media. “This is the powder you are looking for, and it tastes like the best thing in the world”.


This is a great post!


That is pretty crazy. I guess maybe when you let someone else try it, say, “it should taste like _____” and then see what they say. Pretty cool how the mind can trick you, and another good reason it has such a neutral taste.


I wonder what would happen if you were staring at a picture of a cheeseburger while drinking?


Ronald McDonald might come out of the middle of nowhere and b%^$c slap that Soylent out of your hand!


UPDATE: Added link to days 3 & 4


Interesting about your bike ride. I went mountain biking with some friends the other day, and of course brought my Soylent. Didn’t think much of it, but this is considerably more exertion than I normally endure. About halfway along the ride, we stopped along the trail for a break. After standing around for a couple minutes I started to feel faint and slightly woozy. I pulled out my Soylent and swigged a bunch, and that combined with sitting down for a moment solved the issue and we resumed the ride. I think it’s so easy with Soylent to be satisfied and not feel hungry, that if you suddenly spike your exertion, something like a low blood sugar crash can creep up on you. Simple enough to solve in my case anyway, I just needed to drink some more. But it’s definitely worth keeping in mind for the future. I think the next time I plan any intense physical activity, I’m going to make sure I’ve first had more Soylent than I might normally have otherwise.


Agreed. It’s not at all a deal breaker, but it’s probably good to know going in that satiation does not necessarily mean you’re good to go.

I suspect we’ll find more and more idiosyncrasies of a more scientific approach to nutrition as we go.