Life without Soylent


Recently, I went about a week without Soylent; it was the second time I put myself in that position, and hopefully the last. I came to realize just how inefficient “regular” eating really is. Having to stop whatever I’m doing to think about/plan my meal, prepare the food, and then eat it–on a plate, usually–felt unbelievably wasteful of my time. It also disrupted my workflow in a way that made each meal feel even more inefficient. I hadn’t realized the extent to which I am now used to just sipping out of a glass as I do everything, without having to think about my food at all.

At this point, I seriously cannot imagine life without Soylent. To be sure, I still have plenty of other meals, but not having access to Soylent was way more difficult for me than it should have been. Have others had a similar experience of having to do without Soylent for any length of time? If you haven’t done so, don’t do it. I also felt worse, because my bad eating habits came back with a vengeance as I became even less patient with the rituals of preparing food; pizza and fast food returned to my life. Back on Soylent, my energy is back to where I unconsciously had come to expect it (and where it emphatically was NOT before embarking on Soylent), and my general sense of physical well-being has returned. I had forgotten how much better it makes me feel. Soylent is just incredibly beneficial in so many ways. I guess I needed to be without it for a while to remember all of its now taken-for-granted benefits.


You never know what you have till it’s gone.



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Missing Soylent as well. More dishes in the sink and my energy level doesn’t last as long.
Wondering when there might be a V1.5 to try?


how long did you consistently eat soylent before this week without?


About five months, with Soylent comprising the majority of my food intake.


It looks like your experience was the same as mine. Amazing how bad habits got even worse; fortunately, my full subscription resumed and I don’t plan to ever drop it down, as I did when v1.4 first came out. (I wanted to try it for a week before committing to a continuation of the full four weeks as I had been doing. Not doing that again. Ever.)


I went on a cruise for a week and found myself craving Soyent. My kids thought I was nuts.


I’ve been out of Soylent since saturday and this wait (till tomorrow) feels like FOREVER.

Last year (around May1st), when I ordered my very first batch of Soylent- which didn’t arrived until mid September- didn’t feel like this long of a wait. Ha!

The convenience factor for easy healthy nutrition can’t be overstated.


I’ve been using exclusively Soylent for 6 weeks now (well, Soylent and some supplements for my fitness plan, but otherwise no other food than Soylent) but last night my friends and I had planned to see the new Avengers movie. We see all the Marvel movies together and our tradition was to drive two towns over where they have a nicer theater and hit the Thai restaurant there before or after the movie. So I decided to keep that tradition alive and go Soylentless that day.

It reminded me that how much I didn’t like eating. I mean, I love the act of eating. Tasting and chewing and all that. That’s fun, food is tasty and fun. But I absolutely hate the feeling of having food inside me and everything else associated with eating. Except cooking, I also love to cook. Cooking and tasting is rad. Everything else is awful.

It gave me a renewed appreciation for this Soylent product. Thanks Soylent people whatever for letting me not have to eat and thus feel a lot better from day to day.

My next planned non-soylent day is the release of that new Metal Gear game. My friend and I who loved the old Metal Gear Online before its servers were taken down are making a big weekend out of its release. Pizza night for the story mode and throwing back to our old MGO snacks of M&Ms and Yoohoo. Totally fucking awful and unhealthy but I figure one night is fine. Or so I thought. After yesterday and realizing how much I prefer not actually eating I don’t know if I really wanna have our pizza and snack metal gear palooza. I can only imagine how awful it would be if there was a delay in my Soylent order in the future. Oh man, what would I do with myself? I didn’t even like doing one day without Soylent. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.


I was on Soylent (90%) for just over 3 months before going to GDC and living without it for a week. It was an adjustment to be sure. The week before I left, since I knew I wouldn’t have access to Soylent, I ramped up my traditional food intake to 50% by the time I left. It made the adjustment manageable. I didn’t really miss it at all, but that’s mainly because I love sushi and ate sushi non-stop for a week while in SF. :wink: