Lifesaver: Cancer Fight Support with Soylent

My name is Mitch, have terminal cancer. Appendix cancer, very rare and aggressive. Was given 3 months to live. That was almost 5 1/2 years ago. I do chemotherapy every Monday morning. I have spent the past 6 or so months on soylent. My Mom thinks i’m strange for trying different things that find the research side of my mind. Soylent was a no-brainer for me.

Among the difficulties that chemotherapy brings, I won’t go through the horrible list, I have had the problem that food just isn’t staying down. Tried all kinds of drugs and foods. Everything that my Oncologist has recommended. At first I was a little over weight and because of surgery, chemo, radiation, I lost 162 lbs. Not good. Come to find with research, over 40% of cancer patients die from malnutrition. Sadly, I’ve watched that happen over and over.

Then I read an article in USAToday about this startup Soylent. Willing to try anything that helps I ordered some. I’m a foodie! But I’ve been replacing breakfast and lunch with Soylent on a regular basis. Remarkably, this has leveled my body out, helps with the side effects from chemotherapy. I think with the fiber and nutrients in Soylent, I actually helps with my digestion/indigestion. I’m told because of the chemo my metabolism is usually two to 4 times that of a normal healthy person. Some days I’m drinking Soylent 4 times, usually 8 to 10 ounces. I’ve gained about 40 lbs back, which pleased my medical team.

On chemo Monday, everything tastes like cardboard, so you stop eating. We’ve joked about having Campbell Soup make us a Cream of Cardboard soup. This actually tastes better! :smiley: I also have found I have gotten an appetite back. I’ve started craving really good food (no fastfood!) I’ve kept my oncologist up to date and he thinks it’s great and had me bring in a package so he could read the contents and nutrition information. He was pretty happy with the info and how I am reacting. I’m very healthy now, went back to the gym, snowboard, even got back to rock climbing a bit. I’m pretty sure Soylent has made a significate contribution to my health. Thank you for creating such a great product that has indeed, made my life better, more productive, and longer. Mitch


That’s awesome that it’s helped you so much.

Oh my god! That’s an amazing story and I’m so glad you’re doing well. I had no idea that malnutrition is such a big issue with cancer. Are you drinking Soylent 1.5 or 2.0.? Have you tried both, and if so which do you like better?

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Thank you for sharing your story, I shared it with the team. It’s really good to hear what a profound impact Soylent has has on you during such a intense period of your life.


I’m using 1.5. Pretty satisfied with it and learning to cook with it a little. Haven’t tried the 2.0 yet.

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Check out the therapeutic research on intravenous alpha lipoic acid and low dose naltrexone. There’s a easily accessible book that covers both, you can find on Amazon, called Honest Medicine by Julia Schopick. Looks promising, and the two treatments might be right for you. Not trying to prosthelytize, just sharing information.

Incidentally, Honest Medicine covers four unique therapies not practiced by mainstream medicine, one of which is the ketogenic diet, utilized in Soylent’s recipes. If you’re having good luck with that one treatment, perhaps the other two will be of some help.


Hi Mitch, I have a friend that has appendix cancer and has been given the same diagnosis as you. He has been told he has 3-4 months left to live. He hasn’t been about to keep any food down for weeks and is down to about 120 lbs from around 200. I read your post about your experience and took him a weeks worth of Soylent to try. I don’t know if you check this or not but if you do, please reach out, I would love to get more info to give to my friend. I’m praying that he will be here still in 5 years like you.

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He doesn’t check this forum out. He’s not logged on since November 2015. Sorry.

Andres, Sorry haven’t been on in a while. I read posts mostly. My appendix cancer came as Goblet Cell Cancer and Signet Ring cell Cancer. In the first six months of treatment of FolFox treatment, they killed the Goblet Cell cancer. I am celebrating 6 years since my diagnosis of 3 months. Still going strong.
I use soylent now to fill in the blanks. I really love cooking and eating good healthy food. I usw soylent when the meds get to me, everything tasts like cardboard or metal. I use soylent to replace those meals so I can get through. Anything I can help with I will check back.