Like Drink but hate Powder? That taste is the vitamins (maybe)


I’ve just recently begun to dip my toes into a bit of DIY-lite experimentation using the premade vitamin, electrolyte, and fiber/oil mixes from Super Body Fuel. I have an interesting observation to share.

I enjoy Soylent Drink/Cafe in Original and most of its flavors. It tastes genuinely good to me, or at least inoffensive in the case of Original. But I’ve tried each version of Powder from 1.5 onward (including 1.9 Cacao) and have not cared for any of them. I find there is a distinctive acrid aftertaste in every version of Powder I’ve tried that, for me, renders it nearly undrinkable. I can even smell a faint odor associated with this taste when I smell a prepared sample of Powder. I have never detected this taste or smell whatsoever in Drink.

I’ve seen some other people mention an unpleasant aftertaste in feedback threads on past Powder releases, so I don’t think I’m alone in this. I used to suspect maybe the issue was sucralose, but that explanation didn’t quite add up because IIRC Original Drink contains at least as much sucralose as Powder, and Cacao and Chai contain much more.

Based on my ongoing DIY experiments, I think I have isolated the main cause for the bad aftertaste of Powder: the vitamins.

To my great disappointment, my first DIY mix had exactly the same aftertaste and odor I associate with Powder. But when I omit the “Super Vitamin” blend from the mix, the main aftertaste seems to be absent. Other components have caused taste/textural problems but not in this distinctive way I associate with Powder. So while I’m still in the early stages of experimentation, I strongly suspect the culprit is in the vitamin blend.

I’m guessing it isn’t news to anyone who’s tried DIY that vitamins taste bad. (And it’s been mentioned that this is why Soylent uses sucralose for masking.) But I find it very interesting that vitamins are seemingly responsible for the unpleasant taste I detect in Powder, yet don’t cause the same problem with Drink. Drink has the same vitamin content as Powder, but (as far as I can detect) none of the characteristic bad vitamin taste/smell.

I therefore suspect that either Drink uses better-tasting compounds for its vitamin blend or, more likely, there is some ingredient(s) or some component of the production process for Drink that masks the vitamin taste much more effectively than the Powder.

I wanna know their secret!! Anyone have any guesses as to how this is achieved?


(Also, if any DIYers otherwise have advice on how to deal with the vitamin taste problem, I’d be very interested. I’m thinking I might encapsulate my Super Vitamins and take them as a daily multi, though even if I buy a capsule filler it seems like a hassle both to fill and to take that many pills each day.)


The only powder I’ve had recently is the cocoa flavor, and it actually tasted pretty darn good. Even freshly made, at room temperature.

But that could just be the cocoa successfully masking the taste of the vitamins. Maybe the secret to the drink is something similar, something that masks the vitamin taste, that’s only available in a liquid form?

Back when I was doing DIY, I did take most of my vitamins in capsule form. But for me that was less work, since everything but ~4 supplements came in a single capsule anyway. The extra supplements I just dumped into my powder – I have no idea if any of them were bitter or had an aftertaste. If they did, the quantity was too small to be noticeable.


Something interesting I’ve noticed about the powder is that the flavor and texture changes slightly, but notably the longer it sits in the fridge.

I’ve noticed differences at the following intervals (roughly speaking); 1 hour, 15 hours, and 30 hours.


Certainly. The oils take a little longer to dissolve, so the creaminess really develops after at least an hour.