Like Soylent 1.4? Free pouch in exchange for review. || All gone

Yup, you heard me right. Free pouches of Soylent 1.4! Five of 'em, in fact.

One per person. Please pay $5.75 for USPS Flat Rate shipping.

The only thing I want in return is for you to post and let me know how it tastes.

PM me for my PayPal email address.


I will take it. Yeahh!!!

I’ll take one, unless shipping is more than the $9 going rate for a single day package. (Wouldn’t think it would since it probably fits in a flat rate package from USPS.)

I’m currently moving though, and won’t have an address for you to send it to until the start of next week, so if someone else can take it before then, I wouldn’t expect you to hold it for me.

Yeah send one mine way (also assuming not super expensive shipping).

I’ll take the 4th pouch!

I would totally be up for this if they are not all spoken for. PM me with details.

Shipping for everyone in the US will be $5.75. PM me for my PayPal email address.

I assume this is to check if its a difference in batches?

Mine is so slimey im considering sending them off to people too…

That’s my ulterior motive, yes :smile:

Can I ask what batch # you have?

Lot # C15063P02
Exp 03/2016

really slimey. no aftertaste. Just super oily.

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You’re a perfect candidate for this – want one? :smile:

One more pouch left. Once that’s taken I’ll take all five to the PO. Hopefully tomorrow!

Still available? I will take one

Yep, last one still available. PM me and I’ll give you my PayPal address.

I hope everyone posts their results of this experiment!


I’m going to mail all five pouches out today. You guys should get it by Monday.

Remember to post with your experience!


Soylent received! It’ll probably be a day or two before my pitcher is empty, but I’ll be sure to use this pouch next. I couldn’t resist opening it; it looks and smells like normal Soylent (1.4) to me, but I couldn’t get the zipper to close at all! I don’t normally open bags and reseal them but the last time I did it sealed easily.

Upon further inspection, the bags are definitely different. The Nutrition Facts type is printed a little lighter on the C bag vs the L bag; the bag itself is about 17.1 cm wide © rather than about 17.6 cm wide (L); the pressed “edges” on the left and right of the bag are like 8 mm wide rather than like 6 mm wide, and the zipper is 1 cm tall rather than 2 cm tall (and I had trouble resealing the C bag because of the powder stuck in it whereas the L bag I opened was easily sealed despite the powder stuck in it). The zipper seal is located higher up on the C bag, as well. I suspect the C bag is slightly taller (since the L bag is slightly wider) but I opened it last night and didn’t think to compare beforehand. So that’s interesting.

I did just mix the C bag you sent. It smells the same to me after mixing, but it did look a lot foamier than any previous (L) bags I’ve mixed. I tasted a bit (I usually let it sit overnight) and it didn’t taste any different from freshly mixed 1.4; however, I did notice these little yellow bits that I’ve never noticed before. Maybe they were there and I never looked closely? Or maybe that’s the first real difference? I’ll report back with more after breakfast tomorrow.

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So! It tastes like normal 1.4 to me. However, I noticed it does look different: there were little black specks that had settled to the bottom of my pitcher before I shook it up this morning.

I had seen particles settle in my 1.4 before, but they blended in much closer to the beige color of the Soylent. The yellow specks are less obvious after refrigeration (or maybe they dissolved with time?); maybe I never scrutinized my Soylent closely enough before? I’ll be sure to compare it to my next L bag.

So far, there is some evidence that the theory that some people got horrible 1.4 and others got good 1.4 is wrong, but we’ve only heard from one tester so far. Too bad this test happens to coincide with the appearance of 1.5, but I think we can still learn something from it.

I got my sample bag. I already had some pre-made from before. I will post my taste test of the sample bag in a day or two when I mix up a new batch.

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