Liking Soylent 1.1


I received my first shipment of Soylent on 10/7. I’ve been drinking it for one week, twice daily, 16oz at a time, and I just wanted to say that I’m enjoying it. I have not had any serious negative side effects. Gas is normal or maybe minimally changed. No headaches, stomachaches, or problems of any kind. I really don’t feel any different, one way or the other. But there have been some positive side effects. I have lost weight. Around 2 pound. And I have extra time in the morning and at lunch (which is when I drink it). I would say that it’s been a very positive experience so far and I might just be a regular customer from now on! Thanks Soylent!


I always enjoy hearing positive reviews. I’m drinking a glass of 1.0 as I write this. I’m on my 5th bag (been sharing it with my gf) and I’m really looking forward to a less sweet/gassy 1.1.