Link: Algae and Motor Neurone Disease


Given recent news regarding the link between fish oil and prostate cancer, I switched over to an algal source of omega-3. But now it seems even that has its risks, specifically a neurotoxic amino acid called β-methylamino-L-alanine, or BMAA. Just something to be aware of if you’re supplementing with blue green algae or using algal oils.

There has been increasing evidence of a link between motor neuron
disease and the consumption of food or water contaminated by
blue-green algae but it wasn’t clear how the algal toxin was damaging
the central nervous system.

BMAA was originally identified in Guam after the indigenous people,
the Chamorros, were found to suffer motor neurone disease up to 100
times more often than other people. The Chamorros used seeds from
cycad palms to make flour, and regularly ate fruit bats, which also
ate the seeds. Both these foodstuffs contained BMAA.



The purported link between omega-3’s and prostate cancer has no merit. All it takes is a little searching to find plenty of reviews of the paper that thoroughly debunk it. The sources you find supporting it are generally article farms that churn out sensational news cycle garbage without bothering to vet the content. Generally speaking, the study had no coherent framework to support its claims. You might as well correlate that people who eat sandwiches tend to die. The study is almost completely without value.

There’s one to get you started.