Link to the kickstarter project?


Has anyone got the link to the soylent kickstarter project. It does not come up when “Soylent” is searched.

Thanks guys.


Is the project even up yet?


I don’t think it is.
Kickstarter projects have to be funded in a limited amount of time if I understand it right, so Rob would want to have everything ready - well organized blog, informative website with working links, etc.
He only did the website a day ago, so I’d give it some more time. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I guess so. Just got a bit excited… I can’t wait to try some of this product.


You’re not the only one! I’ll probably have to wait until the end of the month until all my ingredients arrive :frowning:


Oh shit me too and I can’t make it myself for the time being :blush:
Personally most-hyped thing ever!


I was curious once the KickStarter was funded about how long would it take for the product to come to market? Are we looking at it being available weeks, months, or a year or more after the KickStarter is completed.


Sadly, I can only imagine that Rob is super busy getting suppliers in order, the FDA is all “up in his business”, or Kickstarter is stonewalling him somehow. Regardless, I’m really bummed to see the twice failed Kickstarter projects for the translation of something called “Cosmic Voyage” every time I search the site for Soylent (which happens to be approx. 4x/day).

I’m super excited for this Kickstarter; I don’t know that there’s a way for a music teacher to help, but for the record, I’m happy to.


@mwdoher Rob did mention in his latest post on his blog (shown below) that it may not go on kickstarter. I’m sure everyone will be notified when he has news on which direction he goes with this.

edit: Since posting this I have heard from a number of additional platforms. I now realize crowdfunding has come a long way since Kickstarter coined the term 4 years ago. In light of this perhaps a different venue would be a better fit.


@Ado - Nice catch. I read that the day it came out, and I don’t remember seeing this at all! Thanks a ton.


Kickstarter rejected the project. The team is setting up their own preorder page instead. See the twitter:

I wonder how they’ll handle payments.


If they go with the open source crowdfunding platform I linked them to, it can plug right into Amazon payments (same thing Kickstarter uses). Paypal is another option, but I’ve heard horror stories about them freezing accounts and holding funds.


I really hope that missing the publicity from Kickstarter or Indiegogo won’t hurt it, but…
Yeah, Soylent will probably manage.

#16 Lockitron raised over 2 million using their open source crowdfunding platform they created and released:

I think Soylent will do fine – especially if Rob keeps doing a good job with PR.