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This is about the main website. Is there a logical reason as to why people have to scroll all the way down to find the link to the Forum?

I dont understand some web design decisions. People try to be cool and they forget what functionality means or how important it is.

Please, move all those links to the top. People want to access those links easily.

I wont die if everything else moves down 80 pixels. Those links are important.

EDIT: I do not want to see responses written just for the sake of opposing an idea. If you are opposing this idea, please explain the harm caused by moving some links to the top.

My 528 posts show that I find the forum informative. That being said, I doubt the average consumer finds the forum as vital.

I also am somewhat used to a product’s website listing the links at the bottom of the page. I don’t find the functionality of the website compromised if the forum and FAQ links are at the bottom.


I severely disagree with you. You’re not approaching this issue logically. Important feedback is received by the company from the forum. It is used daily by 100’s of people and has 1000’s of replies.

If the forum and other links are placed at the top where they should be, this does not disadvantage the “average consumer”. Does it?

So when something only has a benefit, it should be done.

What is more convenient?

  • Scrolling down and clicking the link, OR:
  • Clicking the link.

Do you notice the extra step that has to be done? Website usability is an important issue.

I also am somewhat used to a product’s website listing the links at the bottom of the page. I don’t find the functionality of the website compromised if the forum and FAQ links are at the bottom.
That doesnt make any sense nor is it true that main links on a website are listed at the bottom.

Do you find that Ebay or Amazon or any other popular website places their MAIN links at the bottom of the page?

I don’t find the functionality of the website compromised if the forum and FAQ links are at the bottom.

If placement of a link does not affect the website’s functionality, why dont we make the font size 0.1 and hide black links in a black box?

A website is supposed to be convenient to its users.

So why are these links at the BOTTOM of the website and not at the top?

About - Blog - Contact - Release Notes - FAQ - DIY Tool - Forum - Terms - Careers

The only links that are usually found at the bottom are Terms and Careers because they are not accessed by most people.

It is a single row of 80 pixels in height and once again, there is no disadvantage of having these links at the top. There’s only benefit so it makes sense to do it.

I visit the forum directly, so the placement of the link on the homepage doesn’t matter to me at all. As to my first forum visit, it was so long ago I don’t remember. I think I originally arrived here from Google or some other outside resource, but even assuming I got here from the homepage, I don’t think scrolling down once is an undue burden. Maybe my perspective is skewed because I scroll frequently.

A website redesign (however slight), which necessarily costs time and money, is unlikely to be triggered by such a minor nitpick. This isn’t an argument against the change: it’s a reason why it probably won’t happen. Maybe when they do a complete redesign?

The primary purpose of the homepage is to sell Soylent, which is why the product is front and center. This is actually similar to Amazon at least. Check out how many more links they have on the bottom of their homepage vs. the top, and what the purposes of those links are.

If Rosa Labs adds anything to the top, it should be a link for customer service/help. It’s not clear what someone should do if they have an issue.

eBay’s current homepage, which I honestly never visit and had to check, is a complete mess. At least for me it’s an infinitely scrolling listing of cell phones and graphics cards, which to be fair is probably all I’ve looked at on eBay recently. (I use eBay, but I always start browsing with a custom search from my web browser; I’ve never used the homepage.)

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I don’t have a very strong view either way on this issue. I think the website today is designed primarily for potential new customers, whose numbers vastly exceed the hundreds of existing customers who may access the forums regularly. That said, I don’t imagine it would do irreparable damage to Soylent to put these links at the top rather than the bottom of the page.

I’d also note that I can’t imagine why anyone who regularly accesses the forum would do so via the main website. I type the letter “d” into my browser and the first thing that pops up is I visit this forum often, but I rarely if ever visit the main site anymore.

We have multiple avenues for customers to give us feedback, email, twitter, facebook, instagram, discourse, and reddit. We are confident that even if one is hard for a user to find the others will fill the void. That being said we are constantly changing the website, its current form was far different 3 months ago.


I’m not sure if you are joking or not. Assuming you are not, I’ll reply. Apologies for my detailed response if you are just joking.

“Severely”? You could just disagree with me. I don’t know if this warrants “severe” disagreement.

Well, yeah, I am. Just because you “severely” disagree with me doesn’t mean I’m not being logical. I could just as easily retort that you aren’t approaching this issue logically. But just casting aspersions on each other doesn’t really advance the dialog, does it?

Actually, hundreds are people are not using the forum daily. I doubt there are 200 unique visitors a day (my personal guess is 50-80). Regardless, there are not 200+ people using this discourse daily. And the 1000’s of replies were amassed over time, not daily.

No, links on top does not disadvantage the “average consumer.” (Why are we putting “average consumer” in quotation marks?) But, if the forum and other links are placed at the bottom where they should be (I don’t think the necessarily “should be,” but since you turned your opinion into a factual statement, I’ll do the same), this does not disadvantage the “average consumer” either. Does it?

Nice. Patronizing in discourse. Way to get people to see your point. Because I wouldn’t have noticed the extra step unless you so eloquently painted a picture. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, is it really so much more inconvenient for you to scroll down? I mean, talk about #firstworldproblems.

Well, odd to choose eBay or Amazon as your example, since I said “a product’s website.” eBay and Amazon are not products for sale. They are a website portal clearinghouse to sell thousands of different products. The website design for an individual product is different than those. For instance (staying with the Soylent theme), check out the website for Takeya Pitchers and the website for Hydro Flasks. Both product’s websites have the majority of their links at the bottom of the page, including the FAQ.

But, since you moved the goalposts on this one, lets check out eBay and Amazon. (Maybe you should have before you chose those examples?) As @wezaleff already pointed out, eBay’s website is a hot mess. Amazon is more navigable, but they place their 25+ links at the bottom of the page.

So, to answer your question,


That is a non-sequitor. Actually, that’s just downright foolish to write. Nobody (except you, now) equates placement of a link at the bottom of a page to actually making the link invisible.

You are very unique in thinking that having to scroll down is a major inconvenience.

The funny thing is, if you read my post that you invested so much “passion” in striking down, you’ll see that I didn’t actually disagree that the links should be at top. I just think you overstate the importance of the forum link. And a cursory glance of product websites show that a majority of companies choose to put their FAQ (and forum, if they have one) links at the bottom. I won’t go as far to say it is an industry norm, but it clearly isn’t as contentious for most companies as you would lead us to believe.

So you may not agree with Rosa Labs when it comes to website design. That’s cool. But, don’t be offended if I don’t share your concerns. You think it is grossly inconvenient for a person to have to scroll down to the forum or FAQ links. I think it isn’t grossly inconvenient (and is, in fact even standard for product website layout). We can disagree; no need to “severely” disagree or question each other’s illogical approach. Right?


Do they? Have you done a survey or something?

You haven’t really explained the harm of them staying where they are.

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Usually, when I’m looking at a product website and want some more details, the first thing I do is scroll to the bottom to see if there’s an FAQ. Quite often there is also access to such a thing if you explore the top menu, but I find that the bottom of the page more often has it than the top. I don’t know why, but it’s common enough that I’m in the habit of automatically scrolling down when I have questions. And with most modern computer mice having scroll wheels on them, this is a very simple maneuver that I don’t even have to think about.

As for the Soylent site in particular; keeping extraneous links at the bottom of the page gives the site a very clean and uncluttered look. It’s simple and crisp, matching the product design. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I’m happy to have these links present on every page for convenience, and don’t mind their placement at all. I would have an issue with it if the links were hiding on some obscure page that one has to find through multiple clicks, though, as some websites do.

And when it comes to the forums specifically…well, for food products I normally don’t expect there to be forums at all, so it’s not something I would look for to begin with. Pretty sure I found this forum through Google, before ever visiting the Soylent homepage at all.


There is a lot of empty space at the top. I could see it being an improvement.

Putting links from the forum to the FAQ and main page would be really nice though; Going to the forum from the main page feels like passing through a one-way valve at the moment.

From a business perspective, the web designer has placed the “most wanted response” options (purchasing soylent) above the fold, with all the other link options below the fold. This makes perfect sense.

They want sales first and foremost. Getting more users on the forum is not even close to a primary consideration.


Yes, it is important to have links which are useful like the which has all the answers for queries regarding network troubleshooting.

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