Liquid fish oil for DIY?


I have started using the oil blend that came with my official Soylent with Schmoylent and have been very happy with it.

Has anyone found a source of fish oil similar to what comes with Soylent?


Considering we don’t know what kind of fish oil is Soylent that will be hard. I would recommend any of the products by Nordic Naturals.


Thanks for your response! I found this which looks like it would work.

The only thing I am worried about is if the lemon flavoring would impact the taste much. Also, does it matter what fish they use and where they come from? I know Soylent uses Icelandic mackerel, herring and anchovy according to the bottle.


I expect it will be noticeable. I’ve been using half a serving of this oil that is lemon and mint flavored in my DIY’s for a while. Even at the half recommended serving in a full days batch I can detect it, though I like the difference. The ever so slight lemon adds a freshness, while the hint of mint flavor goes well with cocoa. I had tried adding more when I first bought the oil, but found the flavor overpowered my mix, and also spikes the vitamin A above the UL.


Actually the flavoring isn’t that strong. When mixed with the other ingredients and water its unnoticeable. Also don’t forget that Soylent is hard to flavor.