"Liquid Lunch" Article

Short blurb from The Economist: “Liquid Lunch

(apparently was in their print edition too)


Wow, that’s mostly a fact-based, non-sensational article.

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The comments (at least as of yesterday) were overwrought, though.


and boasts of being as nutritious as, and more environmentally-friendly than, processed food and meat.

Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this statement? The whole point of Soylent is that it is fully nutritious, unlike most available food, where nutrition can often be hit and miss.

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Wait, then how does he keep his Soylent cold?

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Rob is hardcore. He drinks his Soylent at room temperature and out of the skulls of his enemies (probably).


Only if they’re single-use skulls. He’s opposed to doing the dishes.


Yeah, my first bottle was not fully cold yet and it’s definitely better cold. Sounds like he thinks it’s just “good enough” warm.

But still… where does he keep his beer?

Maybe I should try it at room temperature. Unlike most posters, I didn’t love my first taste of it, chilled.