Liquid vs Powder convert


I didn’t like 2.0 when I first tried it, so I’ve been stalwart about sticking with the powder until I couldn’t get it anymore. So I caved and got a box each of 2.0 and Coffiest to tide me over until the powder was available again, and I have to say I’ve gotten used to it. Now that 1.7 is available, I don’t think I’ll go back to the powder. I really like not having to wash my blender and pitcher several times a week, and I don’t miss the general mess of dealing with the powder. For the record, my order of preference for the powder versions that I had was: 1.4, 1.6, 1.5, 1.3. Generally the opposite of most people.


Blender? Bro - your doing it wrong!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m with you on that. For ~$21/month more than the cost of 1.7, I can get 2.0 and not have to deal with cleaning/mixing a pitcher every couple of days.


The evil plan worked…


For me it would be more like $123/mo… mixing the powder isn’t that much more work than dealing with all those boxes and bottles…


What’s evil about it?


Oh, I donno…


Ive been buying 2.0 for the last few months but after reading about the updates to 1.7 I would predict I’m switching back. The money I save would be better spent on all the supplementary chemicals that I need (prefer to take rather) with soylent.

Plus it’s nice to be able to ride my bike two towns over and only need to add a few pounds of weight to the bags.


Care to detail these?


Sure just message me


Christ, you environmentalists are a real piece of work.


I’m not an environmentalist, I would throw my empty 2.0 bottle in the vat of floating debris - then feel about about it later.


If I was a utilitarian, I could argue the bad/evilness of bottles.


Well, the conspiracy to delay powder deliveries long enough to convince customers to stay on 2.0 even after the powder becomes available, thereby moving customers to a more profitable product who would have otherwise been unlikely to switch, of course.


You ought to meet us anti-environmentalists. We’ll make your veins pop out your forehead.


Yep, I fell right into their trap.


But is 2.0 a more profitable product?

Shipping cost and their abiliy to charge whatever they want for the powder, me thinks profit is very close.


They don’t tell us mere mortals such things. Though I expect it is, even if it weren’t now it would be when profits skyrocket with more flavoring options.


Especially after they increased the price of 2.0.


I recycle the bottles and lids… it was the bars and bags of 1.6 (powder and all) that went to the landfill. I’m learning towards sticking with the bottles too for a while. I’m a bit gun shy still after a rather violent night of sudden stomach emptying.