Liquids vs solids


i saw an aside in another thread about mixing solids then liquids.

which got me thinking: i only have 3 liquids in my current stacklent:

• 4 tbsp el olive oil
• the mother of all liquids, blessed water
• the gooey guts of one coq10 softgel (which deserves its own thread)

everything else for me is solid, and almost all of that powder form (only 7 tablets (i think) ground, so then powder).


what are your liquids?

what are your mixing considerations?

what are your storage considerations?


Most of mine are powders (oats, protein, potassium, sulfur, phosphate, salt, maltodextrin). I have 3 tablets (calcium / magnesium, iron, choline), and 3 liquids (water, olive oil, Alive multi vitamin).

I mix up 4 shakes a day using about 1 liter of water per shake. When I am mixing the ingredients I put the protein powder in first, then the malto, then more protein and then the other misc powders (broken out evenly of course).
I then shake the powders together in my shaker. I found that if the malto is on the top or the bottom of my shake it creates a powdery mess or goo at the bottom of my shaker that I don’t want to drink.

After the powders are mixed up I put a little hole (using the handle of a normal spoon) in the center of the powder and pour in the olive oil and Alive, and then I cover the hole with the powder. I started to do this as I found that the oils were sticking to the sides of my shaker.
That’s the point when I add in the first amount of water. I add the water twice because the first time I add water the powder is taking up too much space. Once the first shake is done with the water I add in the rest of the water.

For storage everything is in their original containers sitting on my counter top. When I start ordering in bigger bulk I will probably purchase some tupperware containers (dark ones) and store the ingredients in those, probably with their own measuring devices.

Rob found a powdered oil that he is using in the official Soylent. I don’t think any of us have figured out what it is yet, but I could be mistaken.


@HarveyDesu, i really like your method: oil in the center.

i’ve found i have to add water twice, as well. it’s fun watch it sink the bottom. i’m not sure if it’s the air in the powder, or the soaking or both, but, a very full blender quickly becomes 2/3 to 3/4 full after the first batch of water.


I’ve found that mixing the powders before adding the liquids helps in not getting clumps of maltodextrin. The powdered oil is propably just oil with some powder that absorbes it and then dissolves in water. Maltodextrin is pretty good at it and a mixture of maltodextrin-salt-olive oil is nice on salads too.


Just as a warning to everyone. Be careful of the liquid forms of stuff as they may need to be refrigerated.


@HarveyDesu, including olive oil?


I don’t think so, but I still plan on double checking.


If you mix the oil with the powders I would keep it refrigerated since I think the oil would oxidize faster given the bigger surface area in contact with air.