List of Soylent Experience Blogs


I thought it would be useful to create a list of Soylent experience blogs. Are there any I’ve missed?

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Best threads for new users? Reporters?

Sorry for being pedantic, but there are spaces between all the "http"s and colons. Was this to prevent Discourse from doing any rich embedding? It seemed a bit weird to go to those links.


If you can indeed not put this many links in one post, I recommend doing it without any http or www.
People still have to copy then, but it’s much less confusion.



This blog belongs to the mom of one of the founders. She’s trying Soylent and has posted about it.

#6 is our blog: 6 people from Germany, 15 days straight (hopefully) with some extra information. Work still in progress (currently day 5/15). Enjoy it!


Didn’t want to start a new thread, I assume this is where I should post this, decided to make a vlog (while I wait) that I will keep going through my time with Soylent, to watch any changes, and give my thoughts on it. First attempt at one of these, its a little long, but I wanted to get a lot of the things out of the way in the first episode.


Awesome! Great stuff.

I think you’re going to eventually love the Soylent name. If they had named it anything else, people wouldn’t even be paying attention. Soylent has such far-reaching, generational recognition. It is a deliciously notorious name that inflames people’s imaginations. You’ll be the topic of much conversation, and I think you’re gonna like it.

I hope a lot more people follow in your footsteps and do their own Soylent blog. I’ll be sure to keep up with your posts. Thx!


The problem IMO with the Soylent name is the first syllable… SOY. Since it’s specifically not a soy-based product, it causes great confusion. I almost passed it right by on first hearing about it because I made the obvious assumption that it was soy derived. I don’t personally care one bit about the Soylent Green reference, I’ve actually never seen more than the first 1/4 of the movie though I know the “twist” ending as I’m sure most do. But the whole soy thing just really doesn’t sit well with me every time I see/say/think of the name. I’m quite sure I’m going to have to explain that it’s NOT soy based an awful lot once I start telling people I live on it.


Why does nobody ever assume it’s lentil based too?

The origin of the name is Soy+Lentils, but everyone seems to get hung up on the soy.


One person has asked me if it’s soy based, that’s it. My friends and family made a people joke and then asked me questions about it (including what’s in it). I’ve also wondered why no one gets hung up on the -lent aspect.


My partner and I are seriously considering starting a Soylent experience blog. I think it would be very interesting because we are have completely different body types and are hoping for literally opposite effects. At the same time we are talking about playing with Soylent by adding in all sorts of flavors and cooking it in different ways, all of that would be fun to put in a blog too.


I’ve only had people make references to the movie



Both of the above are pretty good (objective) descriptions of the Soylent beta experience, imo.

[realizes halfway through post that this thread is a year old]
ehhh… post anyway :smiley:

If lenti-based things were as common as soy substitutes, I’m sure they would :slight_smile:


OMG I never made any connection whatsoever to lentils. My partner actually thought it was somehow related to the holiday of Lent… which personally I thought was a pretty bizarre association! LOL

How is the original of the name actually Soy + Lentils? I understood it to be simply taken from the movie… is that what the movie writers based it on?


The reference comes from the science fiction novel Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison. The movie Soylent Green is from the same. In the novel, Soylent is a food source made of Soya and Lentil.!_Make_Room!


Thanks, I hope a lot more people do these blogs as well, and as for the name I really don’t know what else they would call it, but I have been getting a lot of crap for it, not that I care all that much, I just know there are people out there who wont try it due to the name. I never even thought of the lentil part of the name too.

Will be making shorter 4 min clips through the weeks while I wait, can’t wait to get going on this stuff (guess I shouldn’t have taken a vacation and missed the email on vegan shipments, ha) Can’t wait to see everyone’s experiences!


Really happy to see a vlog! Good job on getting yourself to the point you are at now! That’s a lot of weight. I will be starting one about soylent, fitness and weight loss when I actually get mine =)


Thanks, glad to see so many people are planning on doing it, should get a wide variety of experiences and approaches, will be cool to be part of the Soylent Vlog Community :slight_smile:


Ok, after the good response that I got from the first one, I decided rather than making a weekly 7-8 min one, I would make a few each week while waiting, to work on improving the quality, so that once I get soylent, the videos will be even better, and to make them a lot shorter for easier viewing. Just more thoughts on soylent, talking about dating on a soylent diet, and a response to some of the doubters. I actually have one really good friend who is very angry at me for even wanting to try soylent, its strange but they are very upset with me about it, its odd how people react to change, and going against the normal path.