Literal gas in Soylent? Also, preserves?


I was wondering it it was possible that some of gas problems was not from biology reactions but just literal air mixed into Soylent? Powder can hold into lot of air. I’m not sure if soaking in water for 24 hours would get rid of air? If so, is there a solution to get rid of air from Soylent?

On biology side of farts, I wonder if some preservative would help keep soylent so it stays …, less fragrant? Also would help keep soylent behind 3 days. If this is an option, I would suggest separate package to be mixed into Soylent 3 meal bag.


This air idea might hold some water, but people are not complaining about excessive flatulence for every other powdered option via DIY and DIY shops.


I agree with @Eleven. My big problem with Soylent was the ungodly power of the gas, not the volume. I’ve got 2 weeks of Soylent 1.1 that I can’t use because my wife can’t handle me drinking even 1/4 a pouch a day. I just switched back to my DIY and had much less gas and nowhere near as horrible a stench. I can’t believe Soylent has that much more “air” in it then my DIY. It might be part of the problem, but not the part I care about. The stench is too much at pretty much any volume.


Interesting. I guess what I was wondering does not hold much water (heh) but what about preservatives? Would it even touch smell problem?


People generally aren’t drinking their Soylent after it’s gone bad; and there’s no suggestion that people who drink their Soylent after, say, two days have worse gas than those who blend it and chug it. I don’t think that’s what’s increasing the sulfur content in their poots.


Probably not. Prepared Soylent has a 2 day shelf life, officially. I drink mine the day of, and Soylent recommends drinking it within that two days.


Thanks guys. I usually drink Soylent in mornings then make new one for next morning. Unless weekends. :slight_smile:

I guess Soylent would have to figure how to make it effective without the fun mustard gas.

I just pop 3 beano tabs for now. Works pretty well.


Answere is no and no. Reason for smell is because Soylent currently contains way too much Sulfur, (the gut bacteria also being able to produce a ton of sulfur containing gases.) and gas amount is not because of air. It is gut bacteria again that are producing gases… If anything, then it is because Soylent as a powder has a larger surface area, and thus the bacteria can break it down very fast.


Yeah I doubted it too but wanted to ask anyway and see.


Definite flatulence with DIY here. It’s the sulfur.