Lithium amounts?


In @rob’s two-month post he mentions he has added lithium to Soylent. Has he mentioned anywhere how much and in what amount?

I found this old study from 2002 that suggests a provisional RDA. Maybe this is what he is using?

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I would just get any arbitrary carboxylate salt of lithium. It seems that lithium orotate, lithium citrate, and lithium aspartate are readily available as supplements. It seems reasonable to take 1mg lithium per day as suggested in that study.


Just be aware, the RDI for Lithium according to that article is 1mg. There are 4.6mg of Lithium in a 120mg pill of Lithium Orotate,


@rotbart How did you arrive at the 4.6mg number? My basic calculations conflict:

Lithium Orotate via wikipedia : C5H3LiN2O4 (molar mass = 162.03)

Ratio of Lithium to Lithium Orotate : 6.941 (lithium molar mass) / 162.03 = 0.0428

120mg Lithium Orotate * ratio : 120mg * 0.0428 = 5.140mg Lithium per 120mg pill Lithium Orotate


I used the monohydrate form, which is (according to wikipedia) how it is available.

And I just let Wolfram Alpha do my calc:

which gives 4.6mg.

If you use the pure form, it results in the same numbers as you’ve shown.

I’ve got very limited chemistry knowledge, so happy to stand corrected if this was the wrong way to do this.


Isn’t Monohydrate a strong base? How can you drink that?


Please, please be really careful with lithium. The therapeutic dose (for mood disorders, anyway; I don’t know what dosages you’re thinking of using) is only a hair away from the toxic dose, taking NSAIDs while on lithium will do really terrible things to your kidneys (it can do terrible things to your kidneys and thyroid even without help… that’s why I more or less don’t have a thyroid any more), and side effects include uncontrollable diarrhea, shaking, and hair loss. Been there, done that.

It’s your body - you do what you feel that you need to do - but lithium wouldn’t be my first or even tenth choice for an additive. If you do decide to go ahead with it, please do extensive research first.


Absolutely! I’d want to hear how much @rob added to make sure I am on track.

But, if you look at the study, it suggests a RDA of 1,000 Micrograms a day, which is 1000x less than a therapeutic dose for mood control.


Doh, I totally misread the units. Objection withdrawn :slight_smile:


No worries! Thanks for looking out.


This thread seems to be quite old. Does anyone think needs Lithium added, as a lot of people are using the nutrient lists there as complete lists of what to look for?