Little bit o' mold (maybe?) on post-foil soylent 2.0

Found some mold on my soylent bottle today. It didn’t make it past the sealing gasket, so that’s nice at least. This is one of the newer bottles without the foil seal. This was the only bottle that showed mold out of my shipment of 60 bottles. I’ve been trying to figure out what kind it might be. Any ideas?

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There are kinds of mold? I personally would drink or pour around it so not to consume the mold itself, and if I felt like it I would ask the company to send me a replacement bottle.

Are you sure that’s mold? It could be 2.0 that didn’t quite make it into the bottle.

They don’t mix it in the bottle.

I have not verified that it is mold. I might try to throw it under my much neglected microscope after work.

I can say that I do not detect an off smell from it… actually it smells like extra cereal-y soylent. Maybe some of the flavoring stuff got on this bottle somehow?

Maybe try getting a small part of it a little bit damp? If it’s solidified 2.0 I’d expect it to fall apart / liquify / dissolve. Otherwise if it’s mold, you might more readily smell if it’s “off”.

It kinda looks like dried Soylent. In my experience mold is grey/black/white not pink. Then again I am not a mycologists.

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I keep lazily rinsed bottles around until it’s time for recycling pickup and there is usually soylent left in the threading that get dried up. It looks like this:

I tried getting some wet and it did not dissolve, but I still cant detect any off notes.

Shoot an email to We’ll start an investigation on our end.

But it would dry-out when outside the seal.

The most recent picture I posted /is/ dried soylent. That dried soylent looks quite different than whatever is on today’s bottle.

When dunked in water, whatever it is just turns dark brown.

Those second pics are indeed dried liquid Soylent. I remember some time back when someone got 2.0 that had been stored upside down for an extended period of time. They opened the bottles without shaking them first and were greeted by a layer of Soylent “goop” in the neck of the bottel. Your original pics kind of remind me of that “goop” just a much much smaller amount of it. Still might be mold it’s hard to say without physically seeing the bottles. That’s one thing I hate about looking at pictures like that.

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Yes there are a great many kinds of mold. They all look different and at least one is medicinal.

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Maybe this is proof of 2.0 Powder that’s used to make 2.0 liquid…but maybe not.

I go with mold but check it under a microscope. A lot of guys have microscopes.

This is about the best I can do with my little microscope and phone camera. It sure looks like strings of cells to me.

EDIT: image taken at 400x if I am calculating correctly


Wow, Excellent work. I’m no mycologist but that looks like a fungal chain to me. But who knows?

Thats impressive work, don’t forget to email so we can refund and replace your order.

You have just completed a more exhaustive investigation than RL into their ongoing mold problem.