Live Probiotics


I was thinking while drinking my daily Kefir that Soylent could maybe introduce a Probiotic mix.


I don’t really know much about nutritional science but maybe Probiotics would boost Soylents overall nutritional and health benefits. Plus, would it maybe help with digestion issues some face. With 1.2, the enzymes were removed to improve consistency but still keeps the digestion issue while forcing some to use Gas-X and such; In a way, that somewhat defeats the purpose Soylent seeks out. With Soylent, the idea is to not need supplementation… in part.

Do I maybe have a point or are Probiotics sort of a waste of time and bit of bunk science? I drink Lifeway Kefir everyday and it seems to make me feel nice. Maybe it’s just psychological, but since using it, seems to lessen the number of candida infections that I am prone to getting due to a genetic immune issues that I have.

Maybe one day Soylent can add these live cultures if there is a use to them and won’t boost the prices


The bacteria in you gut do get out of balance from time to time for any number of reasons. Probiotics are a way to reseed your gut with them. Once a sufficient self sustaining population is built up again probiotics are no loner needed. If the seeded bacteria are not self sustaining then you should try a different probiotic. You can always experiment with the affects of probiotics on Soylent yourself. Just add a spoonful of the kefir to your Soylent and leave it in the fridge overnight.


It’s been discussed:


and some other topics.


Problem would be that most probiotics products need to be kept refrigerated even before opening. I’m not sure how compatible this would be with a product that is shipped and usually stored in a non-refrigerated state.