Living alone? Buy Soylent

I think S2.0 could work wonders for the elderly and/or disabled person. Better than “meals on wheels”. Good nutrition with almost no effort.

…only a sacrament.


And all that pesky human contact efficiently reduced to the monthly UPS delivery!


I am a single guy living alone and Soylent has been the BEST option for me for food wise. I look at food as fuel and nothing else so this Soylent substitute is amazing. Also if you add chocolate or strawberry syrup they use for milk with the Soylent 2.0, you are literally drinking a perfect nutritional meal that tastes like chocolate milk, sometimes I have to remind myself that it is actually food so that I don’t drink more then one in one sitting. Soylent has saved me so much time and money and honestly I lack the motivation to cook meals and the skills as well. But regardless if I had both those things, I still would choose Soylent just because you can’t go wrong with a meal that takes no time to make and about 30seconds to eat. Just the prep/cook time you save by using Soylent is staggering.