Living off of Soylent 2.0?


Anyone living off of 2.0 similar to 1.5? I ask because I’m literally so fucking lazy that I sometimes can’t even be arsed to blend the powder. 2.0 Appeals to me because it’s pre-made and pre-packaged.


I think there are people living off of 2.0. It’s not an issue, since it’s the same principle as powdered soylent .


I like it much better than the powder because of my laziness in preparing/cleaning as well. (I haven’t tried 1.5, but I like it much better than 1.0-1.4 that I used previously.)

I don’t live off it exclusively, but I wouldn’t see any problem in doing so. I usually replace breakfast and lunch with it. At one point, I was >90% for around a month and had no issues.


My fiance is at least 90% 2.0, I think. She’s aiming for as close to 100% as she can get.


Living off Soylent. Did I miss someone?


I am living off of 2.0 now… One week in.


I’ve been living off of Soylent 2.0 for a couple weeks in the last couple months. Once I run out of Soylent 1.5 and the last bits of my DIY, I will be 100% Soylent 2.0. The ONLY reason I’m not 100% Soylent 2.0 now is that I’m too cheap and lazy to throw away or sell my Soylent 1.5.


I’m about 75% 2.0, only because I’m still trying to tackle the “dinner food” cravings problem.

But for breakfast (a meal I always avoided because I’m not a morning person) and lunch (a meal that was always fast food or eating out at a restaurant) it’s a great replacement because I don’t have to leave the office and i’m back at my desk sipping away at my meal.

But at nights I get cravings for things with a savory flavor that Soylent fails to provide, trying to work through and start avoiding dinners, or just changing what I’m gonna be eating for dinner so it’s healthier and cheaper.


I’m probably 90-95% soylent 2.0. Have been for a couple months now. I do occasionally grab a cheeseburger though because I like them. For laziness factor, lack of dishes and mixing == awesome, however getting rid of all the boxes and bottles is a bit of a pain in the ass.


I would like Soylent in Mission Impossible containers – you know, the ones that self-destruct a few seconds after you empty them? The Mission Impossible music would be a nice touch, too.


Have you lost a lot of weight or nah?


Like 12lbs in 2 months. This is mostly intentional though. I was 260lbs when I started on this train and I’m only 5’9 so I could stand to lose about 100… just 88 more to go? lol.


Anybody else living off 2.0? Curious as to whether or not anybody’s had any adverse effects… gastrointestinal or cognitive, primarily


Given that 1.5 has heavy metals in it, and 2.0 also, i think its a valid question. Cognitive decline due to heavy metals in food/water manifests itself very slowly over a long period of time so people will find it difficult to make the connection between the heavy metal laden food/water they consume and the adverse effects.


No adverse reactions for me, gastrointestinal or cognitive or otherwise. I’m at about 95% for a couple months. Lost 18lbs so far. I’m a software engineer, so I am particularly sensitive to cognitive changes.

Re @Tark comment: last I heard soylent’s heavy metal content was well below what is considered acceptable for tap water - and baby formula for that matter. Have you heard differently?


I’ve been living off of 2.0 essentially 100% since it was first released (so um… September 2015?) I only eat solid food when I dine out, which is typically just two meals a week (Friday & Saturday night). Absolutely no negative health impact what-so-ever. I’ve had a full physical exam, including blood work as recent as January, and everything came out perfect. Perfect BMI, no nutritional deficiencies.


All foods have some amount of undesirable heavy metals in them. What matters is if they are below “acceptable levels”. Which they are with Soylent.


That’s great to hear about the 18lbs. How many 2.0 bottles do you drink per day, and what/when do you eat for the 5%?

Thanks in advance for your answer!


3 per day. I go out for lunch once a week at work and occasionally on weekends, but otherwise 3 2.0’s per day.


3 per day huh. If you had time it would be great to hear more about how that is going :slight_smile:

Hope this isn’t to many questions to theow at you!

But, for example, are you having issues with willpower? Feeling satisfied? Missing food? How many months you think you could keep that up?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/insight :slight_smile: