Living with no thyroid and BC survivor 2x - seems your product may work


Been living with no thyroid for 20 years as a result of thyroid cancer. Last BC in 2001. None of the cancers are genetic. I also had and continue have a wacky work schedule and food sensitivities. Now food is going through the roof. So eating right is even harder. For years have been looking for a liquid meal system that works with Drs and tried a variety of liquid meal products. They may work for a week or so then life physically and emotionally fall apart. I know nutrition from the animal end and been watching fatty acid researchers for 25 years. Depend on the fatty acids since no thyroid you need to put them in manually. DHA and ARA are really important. Level of dose is important. You also need to put other items in the diet manually. Gerber has found a way to put it in their baby food products thanks to some of the research done by some of the researchers I have followed. No one that I have tried so far seems to have figured a way to put in the adult liquid products. Seems you all have figured that the fatty acids are important as well as a few other items. When you have no thyroid the body does not convert food well. The fatty acids and other items need to be added. Some folks have sensitivities to fish oil and not to flax oil and some the reverse. I flip around but in some folks not the right fish oil causes problems. Canola is also great. Never had a problem. Corn syrup is not good. Glad to see it not in your product. Need to watch the amount of copper producing foods otherwise controlling the thyroid dose is going to be a bear and life is not too good. Learned that after 18 years. Things like soybean products are out because of the copper content which makes the thyroid dose convert quicker and then you find yourself in hyperthyroid mode and need to wait two to six weeks for it to clear. So was glad to see soybean products not used. I have read all the ingredients it looks like your system may work. Has there been in any work with thyroid dysfunctional or no thyroid folks with your system. Keeping weight off , staying physically and emotionally fit, and, consume water and trying to eat right are the bigger issue.


What’s a thyroid dose?


I don’t think there has been any one using Soylent or soylent that has thyroid issues, although Soylent does contain 100% of the USDA’s recommended copper content. Is there a max to the amount of copper you can intake? The Soylent team are planning to make more varieties of Soylent, I don’t see why some variety can’t be made for people with various diseases, they’d just have to know how the nutrition changes.