Log what's wanted in v1.5 here please


Still waiting for my 1.4 so I don’t know…But I’m sure you do!

  1. Needs to taste better please. Maybe less salt to reduce the heavy briney taste and improve the flavor profile.
  2. Texture I would agree those who stated V1.4 is gooey, slimy, though I could live with it. Missing the gritty texture.

Other comments:

  1. Prior to a General product upgrade containing major changes to flavor, texture or other parameters, could you all consider a limited release (Customer satisfaction check phase)? I’m sure many people here would be interested to volunteer.
  2. Customer service recently is vastly improved. Thank you.


Back to, at minimum, the v1.0 - v1.3 protein level.


I recall a thread suggesting just such a group a while ago. Personally I opted out as I would be worried that a bad beta experience would skew my willingness to trust released Soylent again. But I know others were quick to volunteer.

The thread is in the special “lounge” area and may not be visible to everyone.


V1.0 - v1.3 had twice the recommended daily protein required of the average male. V1.4 still provides 27 grams/day MORE than the recommended daily requirement.


Your stats don’t change my opinion.


Fair enough. Though the topic is “What’s needed in v1.5,” and more protein is clearly not needed. :wink:


Completely forgot about that.


Yeah it was a great suggestion… All this time I’d assumed it had moved forward but maybe not.


[quote=“lmf, post:2, topic:19695”]2) Texture I would agree those who stated V1.4 is gooey, slimy, though I could live with it. Missing the gritty texture.[/quote]I having only tried v1.2, which I found far too gritty, I can’t imagine how gooey/slimy v1.4 must be in order for people to miss the grit.


I like this idea also. But I wouldn’t volunteer myself because as I age I’m finding that bad food experiences cause aversions to whole food groups. Silly I know. And that’s what I tell my innards. But there it is.



Not silly AT ALL. That’s exactly why I declined any such invitation. One bad experience could put me off Soylent entirely. In fact, my one day with 1.4 almost did. Yesterday and today I’ve found myself avoiding drinking my Soylent, even though it’s now 1.3. I’ve had to consciously remind myself that this is the same old “good” 1.3 and there’s nothing wrong with it and that I need to drink it. So I completely get where you’re coming from.


Oh god not again. Salt amount is more or less accurate. It has half the less salt of the standard american diet. And consuming too less salt is un-healthy too. Asking for reduction of salti-ness is one thing, asking for reducing salt is another. Salti-ness needs to be reduced a little bit without decreasing salt. They could add some sucralose or another sweetner, not by much but a little bit to neutralise the remaining saltiness, that is if it is enough of a problem fo a significant percentage of people.

Reduction of fat a little bit (this much fat can prevent some people from ordering it). And reducing fat ‘i am guessing’ will also reduce sliminess/complaints like a trail of spit or goo like people here have mentioned and other texture complaints…but the amount of reduction should be done without satiety getting affected. The above added sweetener will compensate for some of the resulting reduction in calories, and if it isnt enough…raise either protein or carb or fiber by a tiny little bit.

And using more fresher ingredients (somebody said their daughter felt like she was consuming expired rice) and also better quality control in manufacturing (cooking ?) to prevent the smoky/burnt taste as mentioned by some. Also an alternative to sunflower oil needs to be used.

And offer variations of this formula after they get it right…a keto version, a double protein version etc if possible.

And ofcourse the age old flavor packs suggestion.


I posted it in another topic already, but I have a hunch that the slimyness might be due to the newly added rice and modified food starch. I wouldn’t think that oils would cause something to thicken up as much as what people are describing with 1.4.

So maybe 1.5 needs less, or a removal of, the starches.


I’d also think, that you should run the two latest versions alongside each other to enable consumers switching as they desire.

Imagine you order a gasoline car and one week later your read the announcement, that the model is being switched to diesel, and you’ll get the diesel delivered and gasoline isn’t produced anymore, just because diesel is better anyway.

In the software industry, which Soylent is mimicking with its Version numbers it’s the same: An old Version first becomes deprecated and only after a certain period that support is removed. In the hardware industry there are “last order dates”.

I would suggest announcing last order dates for the old version before removing them.


People had gas on 1.3 too (first timers and some users of previous versions of it). Also i feel salt in the old formula couldnt be raised to the recommended limit without increasing its saltiness, atleast for some. Also remember the powder kept on going bad for quite a few and for some the oil too, in 1.2 and 1.3. Also i am assuming the algal oil had the virus issue, and also goitrogenicity with canola oil. And some people’s satiety too wasnt satisfactory with the formula. And some people’s sugar levels dropped faster than normal. It happened on earlier versions… on 1.2 or 1.1 i think. So all these could have led to them dropping the old formula.


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could tweak a few common things? Like a 5 serving bag would be great for me. Or being able to modify the macro breakdown a bit would be nice. I’d like a 50/20/30 C/F/P breakdown and it seems they could sell a few common ratios. Maybe not!


I think it needs more fiber. I started with 1.3 and was happy with 15g per 1/2 bag (eating it for breakfast and lunch). Daily recommended fiber is 30g (or higher) and getting 15g from dinner was pretty much impossible, but it’s been healthiest I’ve ever eaten. 1.4 will be down to 9g per half bag. I don’t feel that Soylent 1.4 is “complete” any more, thought I can see the argument of not needing it if your diet is pure Soylent. I’ll be adding fiber powder to my 1.4.


It seems to me like more than anything, Rosa Labs needs a none-employee “taster panel” of some kind. I can’t fathom that with this drastic a formula change, how nobody “important” within Soylent though “wow this is extremely different, I’m not sure people are going to like this drastic a change…” I’m fairly certain that if they’d taken 10 (or better yet 100!) random current customers from this forum and sent them each a bag of 1.4, they’d have gotten some invaluable feedback that might have saved them a lot of work that perhaps now they will have to undo.


I agree Vanclute, I assume they already do some kind of informal taste tests with new versions. I mean they must, right? But remember, they still have MONTHS of backorders. Those are all new customers who have never even tasted earlier versions. They will likely just take what they get at face value and adjust to it, or not. I just mentioned in another thread that I drank a full glass today, probably about 450+ calories of 1.4, and it went down very easy. I enjoyed it actually. No stomach rumbling yet. Feeling pretty good and sated actually.