Log what's wanted in v1.6 here

Seems like 1.5 has been a success so far; I’m looking forward to hearing what people would do to make it better.


Too soon? More unsaturated fat, less high glycemic carbs, a tad more protein and fiber.


Possibly. Conor mentioned that a lot of people would be getting theirs on Monday and Tuesday, so I figured today (Wednesday) might be a good time to start catching peoples initial suggestions and criticism.

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Well, it was discussed extensively in another thread but a variety of packaging options would be cool.

As fast as Soylent updates, I almost feel justified to ask for a variety of recipes too. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if this takes til later in the year to pull off, if not longer.

A reduction in price would be nice, but I guess that’s obvious…

I haven’t tried 1.5 yet so I can’t really speak to the flavoring. I’ll edit this when I have.

As for nutrition… if we’re only going to have one recipe for a while then I don’t want any say in it. Not that they would listen to me personally. But if they did and then everyone started having problems I would feel horrible.

More (and better quality) protein
More fiber
And my perennial request, D3 and K2 instead of D2 and K1


They’ve been really focusing on the consumption experience so far: flavor, texture, and digestibility. Assuming the feedback on 1.5 is good and they think they’ve finally hit the mark, I would hope it’s time to refocus on other topics.

A 1.6 that’s focused on improved nutrition (protein, fiber, EPA, optimal forms of vitamins and minerals) while maintaining the gains made in experience would be nice. Alternatively, a 1.6 focused on reducing cost while maintaining experience and nutrition would push them closer to their long-term goals.

It just seems to me that they’ve been working on flavor and texture for so long that it’s going to be hard to find ways to improve it further. Much bigger gains in overall product appeal would be gained from working on the low-hanging fruit in other categories instead of trying to reach the couple of remaining high-hanging fruit on the “flavor and texture” tree.


More protein / less fat

Exactly this. Also (and I know it’s coming) direct shipping to Canada.

Basically what I’d like to see once the formula has been tweaked to a longer-term-stable version, is different version options becoming available. (serving size, macros, forms, etc.)

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Won’t happen, D3 is not vegan. Why K2 vs K1?

Just dump some natto in your soylent for that extra K2 supplementation.

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Option for 500 calories packs.


Do we know what were most requested features in 1.5 and how many of those have been delivered? (Just trying to see if feedback is actually being considered).

Given the current positive reactions, I expect 1.5 to be with us for six months and Rosa Labs to focus on other things for awhile, such as more worldwide distribution. I would like prices to drop, but I doubt that will happen soon.

There may be adjustments – at least one ingredient was changed because of a shortage – but I don’t particularly want major changes.

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I’d like for it to come with two packaging options:

  1. A week’s supply in a plastic canister with half-serving scoop, like protein powders.

  2. A week’s supply in 500 cal single-serving paper packets, like hot cocoa.


Your body can convert K1 into K2, but there have been some studies that indicate that K2 in your diet improves CV health more than K1 does. Since there is some evidence that K2 is superior, and no known advantages of K1, it would be nice if possible for Soylent to have K2.

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Lose the carrageenan.


Please, we beg of you. Lose all traces of sunflower. I know there’s probably zero chance of that happening, but I’m convinced it’s what has us hating soylent => 1.4. I believe that’s the only change we would need to see for Soylent to be perfect again.


I was under the impression that sunflower was much needed for biodiversity, due to what was removed elsewhere in previous versions. Perhaps I was misinformed?

I can see a reason for sunflower alone, or canola alone, but there’s no point in having both.


I ‘guess’ canola is in it to balance the alpha tocopherols in sunflower with the gammas in canola. Also probably because of the ALA in canola. @vanclute , i am not a big fan of sunflower too but what can be used as an alternative? I am not questioning you, i am genuinely curious.

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