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Well since the first report has already surface and nobody had started this thread yet… here it is! :smile:

Those who have tried 1.4, please add your experiences here!


I’m going to paste @rdevitt’s great and thorough review here. Hope he doesn’t mind.

From forum member rdevitt:
"I got my 1.4 shipment this morning!
I came to see other people’s experiences to compare mine to, but it looks like I’m one of the early ones. So I thought I’d share, to give you guys a preview.

For the record, I’m not very interested in the finer points of the nutrition discussion. I fall into the category of people excited about Soylent as an Easy, Cheap and Healthy default staple food that I don’t have to think about too much.

So 1.4 brings big changes in terms of appearance, texture and flavor (in Soylent terms anyway). In fact, I’d say its a bigger change than I’ve seen so far (I’ve had 1.1-1.3). It tastes much more protein-shake-like. Definitely a significant reduction in oaty flavor (and accordingly, “chewability”) so that it hits that fabled “neutral flavor profile” more closely. But it also has a slight new flavor of its own. Tastes quite a bit sweeter, too. Not sure I like that, but I’ll probably get used to it.

It’s much smoother now. – velvety I’d even say (you can feel the added fats!). Significantly less gritty and not as many particles left over stuck to the inside of your glass (again, think protein shake). It seems a bit easier to rinse off the residue as well (thanks to the “powdered oils” I imagine?).

Thank god for no more oil bottles! It will make the product so much more accessible/portable. I can see just taking powder in a shake bottle with you and mixing it wherever you can find water. The powder is noticeably less “dusty” as well, ideally leading to less messy pouring/mixing. Of course, made a mess on my first batch regardless. The instructions tell you to fill the 2 Litre pitcher half way with water and then add the powder (this is new I think?). So when I poured in the powder, it just sort of floated on the water and filled the pitcher all the way to the top. Not expecting this, I was pouring too fast and a decent amount ended up on the counter and on the outsides of the pitcher. It mixes surprisingly well for having oil already in the mix, but there were a few clumpy bits. The next batch I will probably try filling only 1/3 with water and shaking a bit more, maybe in 3 stages rather than the recommended 2. The final product is a lot more pale and separates less/differently than before. Feels like a more “complete” product.

It’ll be interesting to see what other people think. I can see the flavor being a contentious issue in this update. Overall though, I think I like the taste. I actually think it’s a better flavor profile for people trying Soylent for the first time. And it feels a bit more satiating, although I didn’t have a full meal (still working through some 1.3). For reference, I made it this afternoon and tasted it tonight after it was in the fridge for probably 3-4 hours."


I’m glad to hear it’s sweeter than 1.3. I felt 1.3 was a little too bland to drink without flavoring. (I used PB2)

But I hope it’s not as sweet as 1.0. That was too much.

Also glad to hear it’s less messy. No oil to deal with is awesome! This version just sounds great on multiple levels.

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I’m curious to know if it still comes in the same box as before, but just without the cardboard insert for the oil bottles.


Yeah, thanks for that. Hadn’t seen this thread.

The release notes say that the packaging has been reduced, and surely that makes sense as there’s no plastic bottles or the cardboard frame for them. But the box is for sure larger than the box for 1.3 (same width and depth but taller). Maybe they had to increase the size of the individual bags. I haven’t compared them

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Yup, I can also see just making it one meal at a time. After you finish a shaker bottle’s worth, just make your next meal in the same bottle and refrigerate. So cool.

That’s kinda what I was wondering about. With the oil included, they had to start shipping the pouches laid flat, which causes considerable chance of powder getting into the ziploc seal. I was wondering if maybe now they could ship them upright instead.

Received 1.4 a couple days ago.

The taste kind of reminds me of melted marshmallows - have you ever tried Fluff? It tastes very similar to Fluff.
I think that the change in taste is pretty significant to what I was used to over a month of 1.3. It is much sweeter and less gritty. For some, I can imagine this being a positive but I prefer the taste of 1.3. Maybe if I give it time then I’ll change my mind about the taste. Perhaps it’s because I am unused to it. The grit in 1.3 made it somewhat chewy and I liked that about 1.3 because I like to chew on the Soylent despite it being liquid. The color is also different. It is a lot lighter than the previous version and it doesn’t seem to separate the oils like it once did.

Overall, less gritty (or no grit) MUCH sweeter, lighter in color, no oil separation in pitcher, less oat taste, and tastes like Marshmallow fluff.


Marshmallow fluff – ha! Yeah. So my claim about it being easier to clean up might have been a bit premature. I left a glass that I’d had a small serving from out for about 30 minutes and the stuff was nearly cemented to the inside of the glass! Still, cleans easily if you rinse right away.

Here’s my reply to the 1.4 announcement thread.

I’m not getting the marshmallow flavor. I just had another glass. Definitely reminds me of poy. Very bland, probably more so than any previous version.

I sure hope its not too much sweeter, 1.3 flavor wise was pretty perfect for me. But taste is a fickle thing, and I’m sure everyone will feel differently about it.

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OMG, if it tastes like marshmallow, I quit. :anguished:

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If it tastes like marshmallow, I am IN! But people have also claimed 1.3 is sweet, and that’s nonsense.


First impressions of V1.4: Lighter color, smoother texture and the flavor is very different, I’m not sure if I like it but I don’t dislike it. On the other hand I enjoyed the previous versions to varying degrees. A very small amount of stevia sweetner seems to improve it a bit. I’m curious to see what others think and see if my initial impression changes.

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I’m not really liking the taste. To me, 1.3 had nice oaty, neutral taste. 1.4 tastes like drinking salt water to me. I don’t notice the sweetness others were mentioning, it just tastes overly salty and chemical like.


I just got on the Soylent bandwagon recently – I ordered in August and last week Wednesday I received a week’s supply of v1.3. I’ve gone all in and other than a light lunch on Monday and some snacks at a party on Sunday, I’ve just been drinking Soylent since the 19th. The first day on 1.3 was kind of meh – I had to chase every sip with some water – but the following day, I adjusted to the taste and came to really like it. I look forward to every ‘meal’.

v1.3 I found to be vaguely sweet but not overwhelmingly so. Sort of like mildly sweet batter. There was a faint grittiness but I did not mind it.

I received v1.4 yesterday and even though I have one last bag of v1.3, curiosity won out and I mixed up some of the new stuff. Smoother and lighter. I do not think it is sweet at all although I have trouble describing the taste. There is something vaguely smoky about it. Or nutty? It’s not unpleasant and I am sure it is just a matter of getting used to it but, from an initial impression standpoint, I do prefer 1.3 as far as taste goes.


Wow, I’m really surprised by the variety of impressions on the taste. I’ve haven’t tried it yet, but so far we’ve heard it’s: quite a bit sweeter than before, more bland, tastes like marshmallows, tastes like poy (?), salty and chemical like, and finally, not sweet at all-vaguely smoky-nutty?



The flavor itself is very hard to describe, but it is completely different than previous versions. It would be interesting to see if people who have not experienced previous versions will like it?
I think it is definitely salty and a bit strange. Maybe it will grow on me… I hope?

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Here’s the floating layer of salt/chemicals or marshmallow batter, depending on your view. A couple hours after shaking:


One thing people are agreeing on is the taste is completely different than 1.3.