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For me the gas with v1.3 was almost livable. V1.4 pretty much got rid of the gas. It was funny drinking v1.4 for the first time fearing the coming of the farts… And they didn’t come. If you are OK on v1.3 you should be good on v1.4. I think the only people who have complained about gas on v1.4 are people who are new to Soylent.


I just finished my fourth bag of 1.4 over the course of eight days. I’ve definitely had some stinkers over that time (just had one actually!) and a brief series of them that smelled and lingered like those 1.1 ones did. I left the sofa for 10 minutes and then returned and it smelled the same, yikes. But overall less deadly and voluminous than 1.3 (and earlier versions). It still contains raw oats, so that could be a factor. And they switched back to potassium gluconate. I try to drink no more than 8 ounces at a time now, and I’m keeping it under 1000 (mostly around 800?) calories a day. Hoping that my body continues to adjust.


So for my one-week update as a newbie to Soylent, having received 1.4 for my first: https://plus.google.com/+Overminddl1/posts/4BuDqTvsJHL

#Soylent First Week End

Been a touch over a week since I started Soylent, been moving so that is not conducive to sitting down and writing, so this was delayed.

My usage has been about 80-90% Soylent, went about 4 days of pure Soylent, Friends/Family/Etc… obligations had me eating non-soylent a few times but still had Soylent every day.

Thus far I still like the taste; still very unsweetened pancake battery with a slightly sweet aftertaste. It is slimy but I also find that rather fascinating so I enjoy it. Gas has gone down tremendously compared to normal food, though when gas does appear it is quite noticeably stronger, again not an issue for me as I tend to work alone. I still cannot remark too much on satiety as I am one of those that can forget to eat for 5 days at a time without noticing, though I practically inhale water with how much I drink of it, which actually makes Soylent very good for me as I take the pitcher to work and sip on it through-out the day instead of water, then when it runs out I continue with my normal filtered water.

Making it is a bit messy as the powder tends to get everywhere, including sticking as clumps up in the top corner of the pitcher that even vigorous shaking appears unable to dislodge until I poke it with a spoon and it falls apart as powder. I plan to get a very large funnel with a very large top and a decently large bottom to pour it through here soon, it should fix the powder getting everywhere issue, however I am still experimenting with the proper way to mix it and how much water to add at various times to help minimize the corner sticking (suggestions are welcome!).

The really only bad-side is that my SO finds it fairly ‘pukey’ tasting, and based on reading on the forums that might be due to the sunflower oil/powder in it, though although I think I taste it a little, it does not effect me as it does her, so I shall continue drinking it alone. I have had a few others try it, people tend to be split fairly evenly on it either tasting vomitish, or them actually liking the flavor and asking for more. If it is indeed the sunflower oil/powder as it is implied on the forums then hopefully that is fixed in 1.5 as I would love to spread this out more. I am quite likely the first person in the surrounding hundred+ miles to get it considering where I am, but there are substantial people here I can introduce it to and at least two known orders have already been placed due to my introduction of it.

My subscription was for 4 weeks once a month, and considering that I do not always have a full pitcher a day (although I probably should, but it has too much protein, wish that and the carbs could be reduced and the fat increased) and due to eating normal food with people a time or two a week will likely have me have bags remaining at the end of the month, but it is good to have a buffer, and if it accumulates too much then I can always pause the subscription for a month to catch up.

Overall though I still enjoy it and will continue it for the foreseeable future.

EDIT: Oh, a note, no real grittiness or anything, though there seem to be very tiny flakes of something oat’ish, rather enjoyable to chew.[/quote]


I also use an immersion blender, but I still find the texture to be unpalatably slimy. Adding more water seems to help a bit, but it’s still not an enjoyable experience like 1.3 was.


I like 1.4 the best of all versions so far. Smooth, creamy, less gritty. Have only had one meal of it so far, but will likely set-aside my 1.3, and use that for back-up.


Please post this in a new thread. The community standard is for detailed experience logs like this to get their own thread so people can ask and comment on specifically. That and it keeps your experience from being drowned out in everyone else’s. Haha. But it’s not required, if you’d rather not start your own thread.


Want to trade? My wife gags on 1.4 and I’m not so fond of it myself.


I tried some more this morning. I still don’t get the ‘slimy’ feeling. I made the pitcher last night and drank 500ml. This morning there was about 1/2" of white ‘foam’ on top. After shaking it up and drinking another 500ml. I thought that the aftertaste was a little more noticeable than before. I might try adding a little more cocoa powder next time (I normally put 2 tbsp. in a pitcher).

When I make it, I open the pouch and then fold the top of the pouch in a sort of star or ‘+’ shape and then put then entire top of the pouch inside the pitcher. Then you can just shake the pouch up and down a bit to get all of the powder into the pitcher. After that I add water until the pitcher looks about 3/4 full. I then put the top on, swirl the pitcher a bit and while swirling I turn the pitcher upside down and continue swirling. Then I start alternating between shaking the pitcher back and forth and swirling the liquid in the pitcher around the long axis vigorously. I find that most of the time when I do this if I then turn the pitcher upside down and hold it up near the light I can see that there is nothing stuck to the bottom or clumped up. Once I’m done shaking I can see the the pitcher is filled about 1/2 way. I add cocoa powder at this point and shake again and then use an immersion blender to get it mixed well (with the oil versions I would add the oil just before the immersion blender). Then I just add more water until it is about 1" from the top and use the immersion blender again. Then I top off until the water is up to the inner green ring.

I also think the after taste is from the oil. I noticed it in previous versions as well, but I think the sweetness and/or the oats covered most of it up.


Really? Hmm, not even at least sticky or otherwise unpleasant? Did you try it without the cocoa powder? Did you add the cocoa to the entire pitcher with the Soylent overnight because perhaps the cocoa improves the texture.

Otherwise, maybe slimy isn’t the word everyone would use but it’s fitting for most and it does have a very thick texture far thicker than the previous version.


That was precisely how mine described it. “It tastes like puke smells”. I didn’t make that connection personally even though I ended up not caring for it. Very interesting that it’s not an isolated opinion.


I love it! Please don’t change a thing! A friend gave me a couple scoops of an earlier version (can’t remember which one). Just received my first order yesterday, and I like that 1.4 tastes more neutral…almost like drinking milk. It also seems that the sucralose flavor is less prominent, which is good – I can’t stand the taste of artificial sweeteners.


I kinda feel bad in that if RL accommodates one group then the other group will end up losing.

Some love 1.4 but there are many that don’t so what is RL to do? How can they please both of us? I am pretty sure RL is going to change this based on how unpopular 1.4 is with many but I feel bad for those that really do like 1.4.

Maybe RL can sell two versions? I don’t know how they would manage.

But I know if I hardly ever liked Soylent then I liked a version that many didn’t like that it was changed, I would feel kind of peeved.


The DIY folks can probably accommodate people whose taste preference is left behind. So far, the company has done well to find a middle path. I’m sure it will try to please as many as possible. Personally, I haven’t been looking for a great taste anyway.


Definitely a big reduction in gas for me! While the new flavour was quite different, I quickly became ok with it and I don’t add anything to it. Also the ease without the oil bottles was surprisingly a big improvement. However I’m getting a terrible brainfog/headache/feeling of lethargy that I normally associate with my consumption of fructose (as I have moderate fructose malabsorption). 1.4 is actually really great in that is eliminates the oil bottles and appears to have enormously reduced flatulence, but the fact that I can’t think and am being poisoned by the fructose makes me sad and I will have to pause my subscription in hopes that some other sugar is selected. People really should not have this much fructose even if they don’t have malabsorption.


Not so much a great taste but a taste bland enough so you don’t dislike it and don’t get tired of it.

It’s one thing to not be crazy for the taste and another to be slightly disgusted by it.


@a5m0, you just cut-and-paste the same comment to four threads. From the [community guidelines][1], “Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics.”

Your concern about Isomaltulose is valid and should be shared. It just shouldn’t be “spammed” across the site. :grinning:
[1]: http://discourse.soylent.me/guidelines


I always add the cocoa powder to the full pitcher when mixing.

As an experiment for lunch I added an extra tbsp. to the 1/2 full pitcher and it seems to completely eliminate the after taste for me.

Regarding the texture one thing I did notice is that when I mix it I use an immersion blender. I add half the water first and mix that. There is usually a thick coating on the blender when I take it out of the pitcher. Then I top off with the rest of the water and use the immersion blender again. In the past (with 1.3 and previous versions) when I took the blender out the second time the Soylent would almost completely run off of the blender stick (i.e a very thin coating). With 1.4 there is a much thicker coating on the blender stick when I take it out the second time.

I never drink Soylent with out the cocoa powder. When I first got 1.0 I thought it was almost sickeningly sweet so I started adding the cocoa to get past that.

Adding the extra tbsp to my 1/2 pitcher would be the same as if I had added 4 tbsp to the entire pitcher. I normally only add 2. I’ll try 3 next time and see if that is enough to cover up the after taste.


Of course. At some point, they just have to make a decision and that’s that. Software that tries to please everyone winds up being bloated and buggy. :slight_smile:

Both versions I tried would be fine with me. I think the only thing that would make me drop out would be if there were a strong taste of sweetener.

My boyfriend also tried both, and he thought they tasted the same. It’s been a couple of months since we tried the other version; maybe he’d notice a difference if we A/B-ed them.


Are there any people who really like the taste of 1.4 but didn’t like the taste of 1.3? My guess is the folks who like 1.4 just aren’t as picky as the people who are repulsed by it. I learned to like 1.3 after a few days and liked 1.4 from the start. If they can figure out what it is about 1.4 that’s upsetting people, I’d guess tweaking it wouldn’t annoy the 1.4 fans that much…


It’s been two days since I’ve had it (I did 1.3 yesterday and 1.2 today), but the memory of 1.4 now seems like soggy Cap’n Crunch cereal.