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None of that experience sounds normal. How much did you eat?


Half of that jug they sent along with my first order. I chugged it down in less than 5 minutes.


Half a pitcher would be 1000 calories. How much do you normally eat per meal or per day? I’m guessing you ate far too much far too quickly.


Ah… I’m restricting myself to one (500ml) glass each time. Hopefully, that will temper my reactions.


Hi all, new to the forum and new to Soylent starting with 1.4.

I do not have any previous experience with Soylent. My primary reason for usage is an attempt to create a baseline of nutrition and fill in the gaps where schedule, laziness, or just plain lack of knowledge have prevented me from living/feeling healthier. My hopes are to find a better nutritional balance and therefore have less emotional ups and downs and erratic cravings.

Now for my first thoughts upon trying it out. All in all, I like it. The taste is pretty neutral, I don’t find it too salty or slimy. It is actually somewhere in the ballpark of what I expected from powdered/liquid food. Going into this with a mentality of more simply achieving a balanced level of nutrition, I think I expected the neutral taste would be the reality and therefore am not really bothered by it.

A helpful tip for anyone finding it slimy, I drink mine from a to go cold cup with a lid through a straw. Since the mix is modestly thick this is a little like drinking a milkshake but not too difficult and I’ve never experienced a slimy feel drinking it this way.

As for gas or other bad physical reactions, I really have not experienced this either.

Overall, pretty pleased with it thus far, and hearing there used to be more packaging and oil bottles, I’m even more pleased that I tried after that stage of development. I’m not a nutritional expert so as far as people’s thoughts on the macro balance, I cannot really comment. Hope this helps and glad to be a member.



Finally made my first pitcher of Soylent last night for today. Poured in the pouch, then filled with water (Berkey filtered tap well water). Shook. Filled with water again. Set it in the fridge all night (maybe 12 hours?). Shook it again since it settled. Didn’t blend or anything (though I did put it in a blender bottle so I could blend it that way).

The only experience I’ve had before this was 100%Food, and I found that absolutely unbearable (especially the chocolate, which was worse than the regular).

I was curious what people were meaning by saying 1.4 is slimy. I don’t think that’s the word I would use. I’d say it’s residual. That’s the word I’d use. It tastes like liquid oatmeal, and it feels like I just brushed my teeth with oatmeal. Liquid oatmeal. That’s about it. I can also see where people would say pancake batter. But I’m not getting the burnt marshmallow or anything like that.

After the second sip, I felt like I could probably get used to this. I haven’t been hit by gas yet, since I only started, what, 30 minutes ago? lol. We’ll see how it goes. But in terms of taste, I feel as though I can definitely get used to it; considering I had oatmeal on a daily basis back in my old apartment, this won’t be too different. Maybe I’ll try it with honey?

So, things to take note of over the next few days: gas, satiation, and see if taste changes at all.

Still curious about all these bad batches, and how 1.3 tasted… oh well.

Edit: It does have a mix between milk texture and creamy, and it did kind of spittle out of the pitcher. I think there’s a better word for that, but I can’t think of it atm.



Maybe you mean it tastes like oats, not nutty.


First impression:

Favorable. Tastes like malt-o-meal from the 80’s. It’s oaty.

Some people say Soylent 1.4 tastes like vomit. Bakeries sometimes spray butyric acid to make their bread smell fresh wafting around the bakery, but butyric acid is also in vomit. I can only assume it’s something similar in 1.4

Side effects: minor headaches. I’m really hoping this goes away as it is distracting.


Brand new Soylent noob and I got my first order/taste on the 1.4 version. I got it solely for a quick meal replacement and not a full food replacement. I only have it for breakfast and keep a jug of water in the fridge to combine it with the Soylent in a bullet blender before I leave each morning. I have really enjoyed the product thus far and I would describe the texture as creamy and the flavor as almost like flour water. So I throw a banana and peanut butter in it and it is just like a mild protein shake to me. Has done what I want it to do over the past few days, keep me full from a quick prep time breakfast. I might try having it for lunch just to see how I do, but not looking for much more than that.


To me it smells less sweet and tastes less sweet. I am not having a slime factor issue as I always make mine fresh, add cocoa powder, equal sweetener 4-7 packets, and LOTS of water. Like 38g powder to 20oz water. But I am using it to restrict calories and only eat it twice a day.


Half a pitcher is as many calories as this:

Del Tacos Macho Nachos. Imagine you ate that in less than five minutes.


Just did:


Received 1.4 today. Created an account just to say:

Texture is fine.
Flavor is like salty homemade playdoh - not a good thing!

I’ve come to rely on Soylent, but if 1.5 doesn’t come out by my next shipment, I’ll be pausing my subscription until it does.


I’ve been slowly working through v1.1 for a while now and just reordered for the first time since 1.1. I’ve been on the road something like 75 of the last 100 days and was never planning on taking Soylent on the road with me, so I’ve been using it slowly. It isn’t here yet, but I am excited to try 1.4 and use Soylent more than 1 day a week. More to follow.


1.4 is the first Soylent I’ve tried; got my shipment today (well, a few days ago but was out of town). Whipped up a pitcher and poured a glass over ice.


  • Tastes pretty good.
  • I like the texture (where it is consistent–see below)
  • I like not having to fiddle with oil. (I used a DIY soylent-like powder in the past, and had to fiddle with oil and other stuff.)


  • Made my stomach feel a little funny (though I did pound a ~8oz glass… will take it slower on next one)
  • Lots of little clumps of powder left. I think there are 2 contributing factors: my tap water comes out really cold, and I was fiddling around for a couple minutes after pouring the powder into the half-full pitcher (before shaking) so it had time to form a gelatinous layer around the powder.


1.4 is by far my favorite version. Am I the only one who was freaking out when I opened the box because the oil bottles were missing? I’ve been a subscriber since 1.0. 1.1 was my second favorite after 1.4. I thought 1.3 was the worst. The flavor was too strong and I always had to chug it just to get it over with. I have added a second subscription so I can stock up on 1.4 before they change to 1.5. And no, I don’t have any backlog of 1.3 if you were wondering. I add 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder to the 1.4. It adds 10 calories and makes it taste like melted chocolate ice cream.


I had my first taste of 1.4 today, chilled overnight, tastes like the powder from eating pecans to me and had some grit


So somehow I still have 3 weeks worth of 1.3 left, and i just got my order for 1.4 so no matter what I am going to pause for a month since I have backed up.

Decided to mix up a 1.4 for tomorrow. Already the big difference is the smell, like a citrus smell when I opened it. Great thing was the packaging did not have a single bit of soylent near the top, so perfectly clean opening. It mixed a lot different, and the color is weird. But the smell is so strange, I have come to love the old smell, hopefully I will get used to this or find something to add if I dont like it after a week.


I didn’t add cocoa, but I did add a full scoop of chocolate protein powder. I let it sit for about 4 hours and with reservation, took a small sip. Night and day difference. Not only was I able to gulp down the whole glass without gagging, I enjoyed it.

Thanks for the tip.