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One neat feature of this latest batch: They seem to have figured out how to pre-seal the zippers with no powder above the zipper. I know it’s a simple thing… but it means a 100% dust free bag opening which is nice.

I now open the zipper to let all powder drop then re-seal and then cut off the top portion with zipper… combined with removing the Takeya handle this seems to result in a 100% transfer with no stray powder. :smiley:


Does 1.4 seem to give anyone else dry mouth? It doesn’t seem to matter how much water I drink, my mouth just feels like sandpaper for hours after drinking it.


Ok, after a couple of weeks of switching back and forth from 1.3 one day to 1.4 the next day, I must say that I prefer 1.3.

That non-Newtonian fluid, stringiness of 1.4 is annoying, the marshmallow quality and flavor is annoying, although I do feel more full. It has a smoother texture than 1.3.

I won’t give up on Soylent and await the surprises and magic that 1.5 will bring us all.


Throwing in with the 1.4 < 1.3 crowd.

  • The taste is worse. 1.3 tasted more oaty which I liked.
  • More justification is necessary for the reduction in fiber. The health benefits of a high-fiber diet are well established and IOM recommendation for men is 38g.
  • Also the mixture doesn’t stay mixed as well as 1.3.


The recommended intake for total fiber is set at 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women. But IOM assumes a radically different diets than Soylent.

Fiber serves two major purposes: slow down digestion, and act as a laxative. Both of these purposes are rendered less important in a liquid diet. Whereas it is advantageous for solid food to remain in the stomach longer so more nutrients can be absorbed, the nutrients in liquid Soylent are digested quicker. Whereas it is advantageous for solid food to pass through the intestines quickly (not clog up the gut), liquids already pass out of the intestines at a quicker rate.

So, a liquid diet does not require as much fiber. If you known the IOM a recommendations (based on solid foods), then you are probably also aware that most Americans average only 15 grams of fiber a day. So [liquid] Soylent provides more fiber (16 grams) than what the average American consumes.

Rob has actually been all over the map when it comes to fiber. Two years ago he wrote, “I underestimated the importance of fiber in a diet, and went from consuming 1.2g / day to 40g / day.” Forty grams led to prohibitive digestion side-effects (extreme flatulence). Sixteen grams is the compromise that provides the maximum benefit with the least disruption.


Also, from a few weeks ago:


Thanks for your reply. I went back and reviewed the source material [1]. Certainly your point has merit. The fiber requirements for a liquid diet may differ with regard to laxation and gastric distress. A lower fiber diet, though, does seem to forego some of the protection against cardiovascular disease and colon cancer. Quoting from the source:


In the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study (Rimm et al., 1996), there is a difference of 16.5 g of fiber intake between the highest and lowest intake groups (28.9–12.4), and a reported relative risk of 0.45 for fatal coronary disease and 0.59 for total myocardial infarction for men in the highest compared to the lowest quintile for fiber intake. This equates to a risk reduction of 3.3 percent/g of fiber for fatal coronary disease and 2.5 percent/g of fiber for total myocardial infarction. In the Nurses’ Health Study (Wolk et al., 1999) there is a difference of 11.4 g of fiber between the highest and lowest intake groups (22.9–11.5) and a relative risk of 0.77 for total CHD. This equates to a risk reduction of 2.02 percent/g of fiber. Finally, in a study of Finnish men (Pietinen et al., 1996), there is a difference of 18.7 g of fiber between the highest and lowest intake groups (34.8–16.1) and a relative risk of 0.68 for coronary death. This equates to a risk reduction of 1.71 percent/g of fiber.

Colon Cancer

Lanza (1990) reviewed 48 epidemiological studies on the relationship between diets containing Total Fiber and colon cancer and found that 38 reported an inverse relationship, 7 reported no association, and 3 reported a direct association. In the Netherlands, Dietary Fiber intake was reported to be inversely related to total cancer deaths, as the 10-year cancer death rate was approximately threefold higher in individuals with low fiber intake compared with high fiber intake (Kromhout et al., 1982). Despite these and other positive findings, a number of important studies (Fuchs et al., 1999; Giovannucci and Willett, 1994) and three recent clinical intervention trials (Alberts et al., 2000; Bonithon-Kopp et al., 2000; Schatzkin et al., 2000) do not support a protective effect of Dietary Fiber intake against colon cancer. This issue remains to be resolved.

The source leaves it open even with that set of studies; the animal studies strongly suggest an effect. See e.g. [2].

So in short, fiber’s good, not all fiber has an effect on laxity and gastric distress, it may just be a question of finding the right blend to support a liquid diet. Preparation may matter here too, less finely ground powders may digest more slowly reducing the flatulence issue; the blend will just have to be empirically tested. But for long term health, flatulence << (colon cancer, heart problems). Let me know if I’ve missed anything.

[1] Dietary Reference Intakes for Energy, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Fat,
Fatty Acids, Cholesterol, Protein, and Amino Acids, http://www.nap.edu/download.php?record_id=10490#
[2] http://oatao.univ-toulouse.fr/473/2/andro_473.pdf


I don’t mind a bit of flatulence, and I want my microbiome to stay happy, so I’m taking a couple of capsules of psyllium powder with each serving. And frankly, I’m still not all that farty on 1.4 with added psyllium, so I’ll keep at it.


I didn’t but I do now. This is today’s lesson I suppose.


I agree the taste is much worse that 1.4. I had to water it way down to make it tolerable. It kind of taste like an airy fat liquid with no real pleasant taste of any kind. The oil was more inconvenient, but they should have stuck with 1.3 and give folks the option to add their own oil. At least 1.3 taste good. This may be my last batch of Soylent.

Soylent should really include one pouch of new versions when available to get feed back before sticking folks with an expensive unpleasant load of meals.

Now I am stuck trying to mix with instant coffee and Dark Chocolate Almond milk to get it down the hatch. The time it takes to mix now is close to making an actual meal. Fail… I thought the point of Soylent was to make my life easier. People should want to add flavor, not have to.


Just received my first box several days ago. I found the taste quite neutral, which I expected, and purchased a box of Hershey’s Dark Cocoa from which I added two tablespoons to the first water before adding the 1.4 and shaking. The Hershey’s gives it a dark chocolate flavor which is not at all unpleasantly sweet. Come winter again, I might try a coffee blend again too. Currently, I enjoy this version and have no stomach upsets to report, or gas effects, (Considering that I am undergoing ECT treatments this a paramount consideration) I find it pleasant and nutritiotious, and very handy to use. Consider my vote YES.


after a week on 1.4 ( and long time 1.3 drinker), I realized that I was avoiding finishing and had to throw some 1.4 out because it sat too long. This is bad and kind of a unconscious thing that gives away a truth. I usually drink soylent for 2 of the 3 meals a day, but I just noticed how I kept coming up with reasons to repeated eat a real meal (this one time) with my 1.4 in the refig. While I have added pb2 and stevia, it is the cardboard/sunflower/metal/chemical after taste that is slowing me down. I loved ( almost craved 1.3) and here I am negatively affecting my health and good soylent habits by having a reason to stay away from soylent. where is 1.5. I will now go back to my half 1.3 and 1.4 mix till my 1.3 is out. that seems to cut the 1.4 badness the best. I was hoping that after flavor experimenting - my pb2/stevia choice was preping me for pure 1.4 but actions do not lie - I do not like it enough. The whole point of soylent is to just drink it and move on with your life - if I have to psych myself up and feel bad when I find a alternative - that just is not what I want. I want to be happy drinking and going.


This is exactly what I found myself doing. Although my very first impressions of 1.4 were fine, the next day I found myself continually finding excuses not to drink. Or I would look at my bottle, being quite hungry, and suddenly have something else I needed to do. It took me most of the day before I even realized I was doing it. I definitely wanted to love 1.4… very much so. I think that colored my initial impression way too much, and subsequent experiences eventually made me see it for what it was - something I wasn’t going to drink. Quite a disheartening thing to go through. :frowning:

I’m still cautiously optimistic about 1.5… but the fact that we haven’t heard a peep about it yet is surprising. I really hope the powers that be aren’t simply deciding that “well since most people seem to like it, let’s leave it as is” because that would mean no more Soylent for us. I keep meaning to do some more experimenting to 1.4 to see if I can make it tolerable, but frankly I’m doing the same thing again - finding any reason not to do it. My memory of it is so dreadful that the thought of even experimenting with it in the hopes of making it good again, just turns my stomach.

Still, fingers crossed for 1.5…


For me, 1.4 is the best yet!

I tried 1.0-1.3, but I never felt full and had poop and gas trouble so I never really went all-in. But I’ve been on a 1900 calorie per day diet 95% soylent for the last 3 weeks and it has been awesome!

I’m steadily losing weight (which is what I wanted), and I really like the taste and especially how full I get. Normal poop and no gas. I have no complaints at all.

I’d echo others’ reactions that this feels like a far more professional and complete product than previous versions. I have two friends at work who are ordering soylent too for the first time because they liked the taste I gave them and see how well it’s working for me.


Why does Soylent 1.4 or any other version have to taste great? Why can’t it taste good enough? What is the big deal about how good or bad it tastes? The requirement that Soylent or anything else “tastes” good is simply admitting to a food addiction. The truth is a lot of Soylent users (like myself) have food addictions. I (and others like myself) do not want Soylent to taste so good as to trade in a snack/fast food addiction for a Soylent addiction. Soylent isnt going to win any awards for it’s taste, but it meets the low bar set for a fully nutritional, quick, regimented meal replacement imo.

Turning Soylent into a great tasting smoothie by adding all sort of garbage to it is simply submitting the the body’s will for continued food addiction. Tell your body NO! Tell your body that YOU are in charge and that it doesn’t have to “taste” good to be good for you. Little children refuse to eat things that are good for them, because they dont “taste” good. Most of the pleasure from eating should be your body being nourished and being satiated, it doesnt need to taste great all the time. Rosa Labs, Soylent tastes good enough! Please do not turn Soylent into a vanilla shake! Keep it as bland as possible!


It’s not that it has to taste good. It’s that it shouldn’t taste bad. Among other things. (like satiety, texture, etc.) And it’s nothing to do with “food addiction” - maybe for some, but blanket assumptions like that aren’t factual or cool.

I’m kind of in the same boat as a few others here (dipaola and vanclute have recent posts in the same vein) where I’m simply not feeling satisfied on 1.4, and looking towards “normal food” much more often, even if I’ve got Soylent ready to go already. The change was immediate from 1.3, but I gave it a while in order to see if I’d “get used to it” (because hey, so many users here always seem to insist that that’s the solution).

I haven’t. :pensive:


I’m a little puzzled why gas and stomach upset is a particular consideration during ECT treatment–unless you simply mean that you’re going through plenty enough already, which makes sense.


Uh, no. This may be true for some, and I’m sure it is. But not for all. Soylent 1.4 tastes bad, as previously pointed out, to many of us. Bad as in “this is horrific” not as in “meh this is kinda blah”. It doesn’t have to taste like a vanilla milkshake (though early versions did slightly), but it can’t be gross. How many foods do you eat that make you think “OMG this is absolutely disgusting”? And if you do, I’m confident you’re in the extreme minority.

Some people wrestle with food addiction, sure. But not everyone does just because they want their foods to taste appealing.


I thought I had it all figured out… I’m a huge Soylent evangelist but just couldn’t stomach 1.4 no matter how I prepared it or what I mixed it with. Then I thought of something - Soylent 1.0 had too much fiber and was too grainy and Soylent 1.4 is slimy and has way less fiber. Why not mix them together and get the perfect blend? I had a few bags of 1.0 left, so I excitedly gave it a try - total disaster. WAY worse than 1.4. Like drinking a grainy glass of salty pancake batter. If you’re thinking of doing this, probably don’t.


I always remember Cod Liver Oil. It was famous for tasting really bad, yet was a much relied-on medicine for (I guess) more than a hundred years.

Granted, few people consumed it daily, but I bet they would have if they thought it was that necessary.

People were made of sterner stuff in those days.