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When you get it…

Wow, it’s much more refined, less grainy and not a single problem with hunger or gas. No aftertaste and is perfectly flavored…

Is what I’m hoping to say when my expected subscription arrives…My last order was on Oct 31st so I’m coming up on the 2 week mark…


You might be disappointed considering they’ve all but acknowledged that 1.2 is a step backwards on the gas :wink:

I’m a few weeks out from a reorder but I’m excited at the prospect that the transition from 1.1 to 1.2 has established the new pace for formula updates. Hopefully the 1.3 announcement (with the gas fix) is only a few weeks away!


Just got it yesterday and whipped up a batch. The thickness is good, it’s very filling, and it’s quite good with less sucralose (I never tried 1.1). A marked improvement from 1.0 -> 1.2, and better for the environment since there’s no fish oil. Gas is not a big issue for me, however I keep some digestive enzymes just in case. It’s funny, I only get gas when after I eat regular food while on soylent, so I only take them when I’m planning to eat solid food.

@Muggle Your subscription is scheduled to begin shipping in 2-3 business days. Expect a tracking number in that time frame. Apologies for the delay!

I just got my 1.2 yesterday. I still have some 1.0? 1.1? left from my last subscription shipment so Horray, I can do a side by side comparison! I’ll do that and post it in the next couple of days.


1.2? Where’s the link to the changes? Lets see …
Oh here it is:

It’s great! Non of the hunger issues I was having with 1.1! No idea about gas yet

Comparing with 1.0 here, never got a 1.1 shipment. I just had my first glass of 1.2 five minutes ago.

The one thing I noticed right away was the taste, tastes like peanuts to me, specially the aftertaste.

Consistency/texture wise I believe it is a little thinner, but I haven’t had “raw” soylent in a while so I couldn’t tell for sure, (I’ve been mixing mine with protein to try and gain some weight). I got some bits stuck in my mouth from the last sips, which I don’t remember having much before.

As for gases I only have problems with it when I eat a lot of soylent in one day (I would say more than 80% of one bag in a single day, I’m 155lbs ), Gases is something that will take more than a day/meal to analyze properly.

Satiability is about the same from what I remember from “raw” soylent. Might be a little worse, but it’s hard to judge precisely since it’s my first meal in 5 hours, so I’m a little hungrier than usual.

This is true for sure. It takes 24 to 48 for the gas to really start kicking in for people who are affected by it.

No worries…>Sorry, I didn’t even see this!

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Time will tell…Probably be able to speak first hand about it late next week

It is thicker than 1.1, and better textured. Seems just as satiating to me. But most importantly, I have not gotten the huge sugar crash I got on 1.1. They were right about making that change. On 1.1 I had to lay down after sipping on a glass. I just started the 1.2 and haven’t had gas yet. I don’t really mind it. Small price for such a great product. Also, I only ever got it towards the end of the day, after about 80% consumed.

I am not a vegetarian at all, but I do like that it is now vegan, just so I can promote it to my more hip friends. Watching them go broke at whole foods while I get this delivered puts a smug look on my face.


Fixed that for ya… :wink:

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Funny, that’s my nickname for the store too. My wife hates it when I call it that!

I haven’t gotten 1.2 yet, but I was honestly pretty happy with 1.1 compared to 1.0.

Like they say - “Opinions are like…” oh, I seem to have forgotten how it goes. Oh well!

Why dont you promote it to friends who eat junk food too. They need it more :smile:

Yesterday was my first day on 1.2. Honestly, had I not been aware of a version change, I don’t think I would have noticed a bit of difference from 1.1. I’m still not sure. It may be a bit fuller in my mouth.

I had been adding a teaspoon of fiber to my 1.1, so that may be throwing off my perception. Perhaps sometime, I’ll make a batch of both 1.1 and 1.2 without any additives and see if I can tell a difference. I might get my girlfriend to label them ‘A’ and ‘B’, so I don’t know which is which, and compare them that way.

I didn’t notice any difference with regard to fullness or with getting hungry. A bit more gas, which was a bit more noxious.

Today was my first on 1.2. I’ve had 1.0 and 1.1 before (I still have a couple bags of 1.1 left but I wanted to try 1.2!).

I like 1.2. It’s much thicker than 1.1, pours slower, feels “heartier” as you eat it. I never have had gas problems or much of a sugar crash on 1.1, so there was nothing urgent to correct, but I just like this thicker texture better. The new oil is fine; I can’t tell any taste difference from it. Like 1.1, it is less sweet than 1.0, which is good. Overall I’m very happy.


I like this new oil, It mixes very well. I can’t see the oil floating around after letting Soylent sit overnight anymore. As for the new Soylent, V 1.12 seems to be more filling, I feel satiated for longer.

Gas is still bad but I don’t mind that much.

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I had my first glass of Soylent v1.2 last night. Seems almost the same as v1.0 (I never received v1.1). Same thickness, etc. The only difference I noticed was a slight difference in taste; I imagine that’s due to less sucralose. I find I preferred the taste of v1.0; I might add some stevia or other flavorant next time.

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