Log your opinions of v1.3 here


I really liked having a consolidated thread like this for 1.2, and I haven’t seen one yet for 1.3, so here you go :smile:


Agreed, it was a very useful thread. Good idea… I’ll share as soon as my 1.3 arrives in a few days.


It seems I have skipped chance to try 1.2. My journey is 1.1 -> 1.3 :smile:
From what I have seen v1.0 had the most likes and v1.1 the most dislikes so far.

Based on good versioning practices odd numbers (v. 5.3.0, v. 5.5.0) indicate work in progress and even versions (v. 5.2.0 v. v. 5.6.0) - stable versions recommended to upgrade. Let’s see :smiley:


Got my 1.3 today. The boxes are just a tiny bit smaller than the 1.2 boxes. The sacks and oil bottles look like they are exactly the same as before; the only real difference is that the sacks are packed in tighter to make them fit into the smaller box. I’ll have my first meal of 1.3 tomorrow morning, but I’m not expecting a huge difference from 1.2.


The 1.3 is a lot like 1.2, as expected. It seemed to maybe have a more consistent texture and a slightly sweeter flavor, but that may be all in my head; I didn’t taste the two side by side.

Overall I’m fine with 1.3. It is at least as good as 1.2 as far as taste and texture go.


I received my first order not so long ago and have since used 2 bags. This is my first time trying Soylent so I have no way of comparing it to the other versions.

I am glad to know that Soylent doesn’t give me stomach issues.

The consistency seems smooth but not overly smooth. It has nice texture and tastes great. It sometimes tastes too good because I want to gulp it down but you can’t do that with Soylent because 18 ounces is a full meal. I drank the full serving with the oil very quickly and it made me feel dragged down, but I didn’t feel sick or bloated… just somewhat jittery and restless. If I drink a snacks worth of Soylent, I feel good and full but not too full. I don’t feel jittery and no stomach issues.

I am tempted to go from 7 bags to a months worth. Soylent is kind of spoiling me.


I tried 1.3 last night. Much, much better than 1.2.

1.2 in my opinion tasted like wet cardboard. I had to mix something else in with it so I could even drink it. And even then it was whatever I mixed plus wet cardboard. I had to choke it down. I still have several packages left.

1.3 is much better tasting (in my one cup so far). It’s a bit darker too when mixed up. I very much prefer it. I would not mind if it stays this way for a while.

I tried it plain and it was good. I also tried it with grape jam and it was still good.


OK just had my first glass of 1.3. Not bad at all. Definitely less sweet than 1.0/1.2 but not in a bad way. Just a little different. Has less aftertaste, like I can’t recall what it tasted like 5 minutes later.

Oh and it’s definitely darker, looks like chocolate milk to me.


Second glass, paying more attention this time to the subtelties. 1.3 is slightly thinner in consistency than 1.0, but only just barely. It pours and drinks slightly faster. Also it’s a bit smoother, the texture is definitely reduced a bit. Again I had to actually be paying close attention to notice, but the changes are there.

All in all, I’d have to say this formulation nails it.


My complete breakfast. 1.3 PB Soylent with a chocolate Soylent brownie.


hahahah love it Lee!!


I’m a super taster and 1.3 is much better for me. 1.2 had a distinct unpleasant flavour and a miserable aftertaste. After a couple of days I couldn’t drink it without gagging. Thankfully my second box was 1.3 and it tastes how I’d originally hoped. Inoffensive and slightly sweet.


I hate it. I much preferred any of the pre 1.3 versions. To me, this one is much sweeter, has a woody aftertaste and is generally unpleasant. It mixes poorly and I don’t like the chocolate look. Basically, I can barely drink it. On prior versions I drank mine straight and loved it. Now, I’m adding anything I can find to get through the bag. How did that one change to the formula ruin my favorite meals?


There’s another thread about a bad batch that might have gotten out. Is yours possibly from that same batch?


I hoped it was merely a bad batch as well. Mine is a completely different batch than the one mentioned in that thread. This batch is C14323P02 EXP 11/2015. Did I mention it smells bad too? Like something turned. How does something go bad in a powder? I have gone from loving the stuff to despising it in one batch.


Yeah… If it smells bad, it probably is bad. I’d wait for department m replacement bags from Rosa Labs…


It sure would be nice to get at least some sort of acknowledgement from someone at RL that there was indeed a problem and it’s been identified/addressed etc. The silence is deafening these days. :frowning:


Hi all, I’m a brand new Soylent user. I placed my one week order in mid-June and finally received it several weeks ago. Since June, I have been ordering various blends of 100% Food, which I take for my breakfast/lunch meal (One a day, around 800 calories with milk. I like to eat a big dinner and drink beer.) 100% Food is not for everyone, but I found it to be a wonderful product once I got used to it.

However, Soylent 1.3? This was delicious from the get-go! TBH, when I read all the reviews describing the taste as like pancake batter, I was scared that I wouldn’t end up liking the product. But after letting it sit in the fridge overnight, I find Soylent 1.3 to be slightly nutty and nearly milkshake-thick. The consistency is perfect for me. Though I haven’t tried doing it yet, I can tell that it would go very well mixed with peanut butter. I definitely intend on renewing my order and I’m glad I was patient and waited for it.

No gas to speak of yet, though I’m only drinking about 700 calories of Soylent per day. I will probably try a day or two of only Soylent, just to see what happens, though I like to eat regular food too much to maintain that practice consistently. All in all though, I’m very happy with the product.

Oh - I did find that my immersion blender was required to break up the clumpy little Soylent balls that ended up floating on top in the pitcher, but I was pleased to find that the handheld blender fit inside the pitcher perfectly. Once blended, just a brief shake was all that was required to re-mix the content if the oil settled out.

So yeah! LOVE the product so far! Thanks and cheers!


Dont continue with 100% food, stop your furthur subscriptions. Flax seeds (among other foods) has goitrogens , cadmium and raw brown rice flour is rich in arsenic. Other foods have these too but 100% food is among the foods that have high amounts of these.


1.3 blended better for me. I did not have to shake as vigorously as I did with 1.2. But gas remains a major issue.