Log your opinions of v1.5 here

Just found out about 1.5, was shocked that nobody had started this thread yet so… here it is. Have at it!


People were probably waiting for someone who got v1.5 to start the thread.


Personally I was waiting for @vanclute to start it. He’s the guy I generally defer to on anything Soylent related.


Well 7 bags of 1.5 is on its way to us, though I haven’t gotten the shipping confirmation yet.

In case anyone else has it sooner, I’d like to know if it still tastes like sunflower. I had kinda hoped to see 1.5 have less or no sunflower oil, but it sounds like that didn’t change at all and other oils were added. I’m hopeful that manages to neutralize the flavor as that was our primary problem with 1.4.


Really hope this one will work for me. And wont change how those who like 1.4 view it.

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was holding out to see if they moved away from the seed ingredients introduced in 1.4, and they only added more so I’m officially done with soylent (i’m allergic to most seeds). time to learn to DIY!

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I noticed the same obnoxious taste in 1.4 that vanclute did and so I’m waiting for his (and his partner’s) verdict on it. I can use 1.4 but only if I double dilute it (i.e., mix it in 4 litres of water).

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Got my ship notice. 1.5 should be here on Saturday for me.

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I received my 1.5 today. Fortunately the delivery date for my subscription just happens to be right after they released 1.5. Perfect timing as I only have 1 bag of 1.4 left!
A little background:
This is my first post on here but i’ve been reading these forums for months now. I created an account today because it seems like i’m the first or one of the first to get my 1.5. I started soylent about 2 months ago on 1.4 so my only version to compare 1.5 to is 1.4. I liked soylent from the first time I tried it and didn’t feel the same as the seemingly many on here who were complaining about 1.4. After first trying soylent, I quickly went to almost 100% soylent for my meals. The only meals I don’t have soylent for is going out to eat.(I do still go out to eat a lot though, for dates and anytime when i’m with a girl) My fridge only contains alcohol and a few drinks.

Onto the pics:

As you can see, the packaging is the same except for the text on the bags.
The texture seems more smooth, less gritty. I’m not a good judge of taste, but I don’t think it’s very different from 1.4; a very subtle difference, but definitely better in my opinion; it’s very neutral. The mostly noticeable difference for me is the texture change. There is way less grittiness; it seems the powder dissolves way better/faster in water with this version.


Any noticeable difference between refrigerated Soylent and room temperature Soylent for this version?

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Thanks for the updates and pics. Can’t wait to hear more.


Other than the enhanced smoothness, do you detect any added sweeteners or flavorings(i.e. vanilla)?

wow just 1 person who reads the forums got 1.5 so far?

Just put in an order. I only have 3 bags left now of the original soylent. It’s taken me just over a year now to get through my original order due to the excessive smelly gas. Cant wait to try 1.5 and see how much its improved over the last year.

i’ve gotten it but I still have a batch of 1.4 that needs to be finished off. won’t have an opinion until tomorrow

Ordered June 1, label printed June 2, but didn’t arrive at FedEx until late on June 5 (9 pm). It left the FedEx facility this morning and the estimated arrival has been updated to June 11 (the original estimate was June 8-12). Assuming I receive it Thursday afternoon, it will have been 10 days from ordering to doorstep (halfway across the country). That’s not bad even if it did take four days to ship instead of the claimed 2-3 days (although maybe “2-3” days means “2-3 days plus a day for processing” or maybe only orders before a certain time?). It certainly beats the 15-month wait for 1.0. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t tried 1.5 yet, but the digestion issues were largely solved by 1.4. I’m interested to see how you think the taste and texture compare to 1.0 and whether or not you miss the vanilla flavor (I still miss it with 1.4, but much less over time).

I am guessing they decided to announce 1.5 after shipping the last of 1.4; meaning it is most likely that many of us (I know it’s so in my case) had shipments on 1.4 in transit when it was announced.

It does seem to be a pretty long lag between the announced release and user reactions. While I don’t expect things to be a whole lot different than v1.4, I am extremely curious and won’t have my own for two more weeks. I was hoping to read others’ experiences by now.

Most people should be getting 1.5 Monday or Tuesday.


have you tried 1.5 after letting it sit overnight? is the texture and flavor the same?

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