Log your opinions of v2.0 here

ive been thinking it tastes like cornbread and milk, dont know if its just a tx thing but i love mixing cornbread and milk. so yeah i like the taste of 2.0 heh

I actually really like the flavors of both 1.5 and 2.0 - I guess its a preference thing?

What, taste is?

You may be onto something here.


You’ve obviously never been to a tasting, else you’d learn to recognize the subtle differences with each baboon.


I’m going to guess that nobody has gotten to the point of a second shipment yet?
I would guess that 2.0 would be more likely to all be the same, but after some unfortunate variation from shipment to shipment of powder, I’m hoping 2.0 won’t be similar.

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Apparently, at least currently, the powder is made in 3 different locations while the liquid is made in only 1, which may bode well for consistency between batches.


RL should fire any powder producer that can’t maintain consistent quality.

Got mine today and LOVE the taste. I actually don’t taste cheerio so much as sweet rice. It reminds me strongly of something I’ve eaten before, and I can’t quite put my finger on what but I’m thinking either cream of rice or amazake, a Japanese drink made of sweet fermented rice.

Definitely, this texture and taste are a huge improvement over 1.5, which I didn’t quite dislike but am not wild about, either. Unlike 1.5, I think I will probably be able to drink this on a regular basis without needing to blend in banana or other flavorings. I just bought some LorAnn oils for the first time, though, so I might continue experimenting with those to mix things up.

Seems worth the extra cost vs. the powder.


I liked 1.5 and I’m considering replacing it with 2.0 until the powder is updated.

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You must be one of those baboon ass snobs.


I’m incredibly impressed with it. Every issue I had with Soylent has been solved with Soylent 2.0.

The taste is extremely tolerable, even good. I could never say the same about 1.5. It was barely tolerable for me.

The texture is very smooth. I was never able to get a similar texture with 1.5 no matter how much I shook the blender bottle.

It has a long shelf life. I often found myself not bothering to even mix some 1.5 because the odds were too high something would come up and I would eat with someone else.

Mixing 1.5 was surprisingly annoying. I found myself preferring to just make a sandwich or scrambled eggs – either of those is both easier, less messy or equally messy, and tastes better. There’s truly zero preparation with 2.0.

The only issue of course is the price. It’s not cheap. It’s not extravagantly expensive, though, and I feel like the price is justifiable given the extreme time savings and just how good the new flavor and texture is.

Honestly I could easily do a 100% Soylent diet with 2.0. I won’t, for various reasons that I don’t want to get into in this post, but I never felt it was even a possibility for me with 1.5.


I’m guessing 2.0 will be a godsend for people recovering from medical conditions where eating solid food won’t work. Or people with depression or other emotional conditions where eating is difficult. One could say 1.x was the same, but 2.0 is so much more convenient and palatable/digestible.

If RL can get doctors to recommend Soylent over Ensure, well then we’ve got a seriously huge company on our hands here.

2.0 will also make an incredible item for one’s emergency storage kit ie, zombie apocalypse etc…


The bar has certainly been raised with 2.0. The cost and shipping issues still are a little concerning though… I’m eager to see what they’re able to do with 1.6.

The way most people use Soylent (as a partial diet replacement) I think they nailed it with 2.0.


This, exactly. It starts out kind of like a Chex and Cheerios mix. But then it kind of morphs into an unsweetened graham cracker.

Thicker than I was expecting, but wow, very smooth compared to powder.

Taste is good. Not as “wow” as the opinions I’ve read so far, but then again, I’ve still been drinking 1.0. If I’d been stuck on 1.5 the last couple months I’d probably compare it favorably with heaven. Definitely something I think I can drink more regularly than powder.

My favorite part is probably the after taste. After a few different DIY and 1.0/1.5 I got into the habit of taking a swallow of ice water after every drink of Soylent. Helped clean the taste and grit out of my mouth. With my first bottle of 2.0 I find myself doing the same thing and am surprised at how short the aftertaste lasts. Don’t feel like I have to go brush my teeth immediately after. By the end of the bottle I find myself having to consciously not reach for the water so that I can taste it!

No sludge at bottom. Shook bottle a bit. About the same as I would for a bottled juice or tea drink.

Massive upgrade from 1.X. Will drink a few more before I upgrade my 2.0 subscription and cancel my 1.5 subscription, but I think I’m done with powder.


My opinion:

Taste: Fantastic! Light and hard to pin down. Cheerios are not a bad descriptor. I think I would like it if it were a bit sweeter and more vanilla-y, but I could also see myself getting sick of that. Banana might work well too. Variety cases in the future?? :slight_smile: The neutral flavor is good/great. I like it.

Consistency: thin, light, easy to drink.

Price: This is the thing that’s killing me. I know the problems that Rosa Labs is having trouble tackling shipping. I would really like to do this 100% but don’t think, cost-wise, I can swing it at this time.

Overall: This is WAY better than the powder. Like, night and day. I am a believer and hope that they figure out a way to knock the price down a bit so that I can jump on 100%. This is the future.


Boom, you nailed it. The unsweetened graham cracker taste kicks in right after swallowing.

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Gave it a 4.5. Have come a long way since 1.0!


2.0 is by far the best Soylent yet. The one problem for me has always been the texture and consistency of Soylent. 1.5 was the most ‘smooth’ version of the powder yet it doesn’t compare to regular water/milk.

2.0 is very close to milk in consistency. If you put it in a bowl and told someone it was just leftover milk from eating cereal they’d believe you, with the powder Soylent there is no chance a person would believe you.

With regards to the taste, in my opinion its good but I’ve never cared about that too much.

I can drink 2.0 like a regular drink (i.e slowly) while before I had chug powder Soylent or otherwise take very small sips.


Wait, you track your Soylent in Untappd?


Well… it does have oats after all…

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