Logistics of Soylent at work (9 to 5)


I should have my Soylent by the end of this week.

I’m trying to figure out how much I’m bringing with me to work each day (working 9 to 5, Monday - Friday). Soylent split into 3 meals is about 666 ml each, but people seem to think that it’s better to drink it slowly over time than all at once.

I picked up two 22oz blender bottles and I’m thinking that I will fill both of them up and start drinking one right away (at home and in the car on the way to work) the other will go in the fridge until lunch time.

I’m wondering if that will be too much to drink in the course of the work day.

Anyone else that is working the same 9 to 5 hours, I’d love to hear how you break out your meals.

My current normal routine is to have a protein shake in the morning and then a sandwich with some chips for lunch (with water to drink) and then another protein shake when I get home from work. After that I might make a full meal for dinner or I might just snack.

I started keeping track of my diet this past week to get a baseline of my current diet. I’ve found that I’m often eating more than 1/2 to 2/3rds of my total calories after I get home from work.

I get about 300 calories for breakfast, then about 600 for lunch then as much as 1600 after I get home from work (that’s dinner, a beer or two, and sometimes a snack). Looking at this it kind of makes sense that I’m often tired at the end of the work day but then can’t get to sleep until late at night (anywhere from midnight to 2am).

So if I break the Soylent into 3 meals (even if they are stretched over a couple of hours each) I’ll be getting twice my current calories for breakfast, about the same for lunch and cut my after work calories by almost 1/2. So about 28%/28%/41% ratio of breakfast/lunch/dinner(with a beer or two thrown in).

Vessels for soylent. beyond the shaker bottle

From what I’ve been reading if you’re hungry or have headaches after eating your Soylent. You’ll need to split it into 4-5 meals a day instead of 3.

I personally just slowly drink mine on breaks and lunches and then take it home and finish it.


I use a 20oz shaker bottle half filled with ice then topped with Soylent, so I imagine approximately 15 ozs of Soylent per serving?

I drink one bottle from 9-10, one around 12-1, and then another from 2-3, and then when I get home at 5 I split the rest into 2-3 servings throughout the evening.

I find if I don’t drink any between the lunch and home meals I get extremely sick feeling.

Today is my 5th day on Soylent with this routine and it is working out pretty well.


I’m splitting mine into meals per day or equal amounts.
I’m having mine at my normal meal times except i’m having the last one at 5 or 6 instead of 7 to 10 pm.
I’ve been trying to drink some water if i feel like I’m wanting something after that last meal.

As for headaches and such, I seem to have a headache in the mornings before I get my first Soylent finished.
I’ve been cutting back on caffeine as well so I thought it was that. I may need to readjust my Soylent instead.


I’ve been bringing my entire Takeya pitcher of Soylent to work and keeping it in the fridge there. I’ll pour myself a glass (or half a glass) every hour or two.


I’ve been making my pitcher full at night and having some at home in the morning, then taking a 750ml Blender sport bottle full to work, that seems to get me through the day with usually some to take back home.

Of course counter to what I thought, me being a overweight guy knowing I generally consumed more than 2000 calories a day, some days way more. I thought I would be consuming all the soylent every day and still be wanting. The last few days I’ve found it would take effort I don’t want to put in to consume it all. “Listening to my body” I’m not force feeding myself to make sure I consume it all every day. So the last couple days I’ve been leaving work with 250-400 ml left in the bottle. And just for the timeline yesterday was day 8 on Soylent.


I take the pitcher in with me and a 16oz tumbler, drink slowly over time, then refill once. I only get through 32oz in an 8-hour shift (974 calories) then either drink another 16oz for dinner/late snack or a low-cal dinner. I should mention, I’m only targeting 1500cal a day. I’m a sedentary writer/receptionist.

At work, sipping slowly and constantly throughout the day works best for me.

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This is what I’m trying to figure out. Just how much will I really want to drink during the day at work. Currently I’m slamming down 300 calories of protein shake in a couple of minutes in the morning so maybe I’ll have about that much Soylent before leaving for work and then just bringing one 22oz bottle to work with me. Also, I don’t know if I’ll want to consume the full 2010 calories every day.

I’m supposed to get my Soylent on Friday, so I’ll be able to get a feel for it over the weekend before the work week begins.


Today is my first day on official Soylent and I brought two travel mugs, one 18oz and the other I think is 20oz (not labeled). I drank the whole 18oz bottle before lunch and was ready to start the 20oz at 12pm. I mixed mine with more water than is recommended on the instructions, but the way most people on the forums are recommending, basically just filling up the Takeya pitcher.

My point though, is you might want more than 22oz all day. You should bring more than you think you’ll want. You don’t want to end up hungry with no Soylent left at the end of the day!


This is not something I’m likely to face until about August, but that doesn’t stop me thinking about it.

I know I’m going to need more than lunch at work. I have my big crash at the end of my work day. I would like to be able to continue working for an extra hour or two because I can bank these for full days later (I prefer to work fewer, longer days). But I’m out of gas so I have to leave to find calories. Unfortunately, I’m in one of these workplaces where you can’t put a tub of yoghurt into the staff fridge without people going spare because the fridges are for the meetings.

I have a feeling I will be carrying a fairly heavy lunch bag into work which gets progressively lighter by the end of the day. Unless a 28 oz bottle keeps me going better than the calorie sources I use now.

On the other hand, I do get to go home at lunch having acquired an apartment that is three train stops away from the work.

Need to do more thinking.



I drink some Soylent for breakfast and bring a 28 oz blender bottle to work. I don’t always finish it.


I’ve been doing the DIY soylent thing for about 3 weeks now, working a 9-5p desk job… The daily recipe (People Chow 3.01) comes out to about 3 cups of powder per 2,000cal day. In the morning, I start with 1/2 cup powder mixed with 8oz coffee (and sometimes top it up to 12oz with water). Then I mix 1cup in 20oz water at home, and put that in the work fridge until lunch around noon, or whenever I get hungry… I usually drink that down over an hour or so. Then when I get home, it’s another 1cup with 20oz for dindin, and maybe the final 1/2cup with 12oz around 8:30p (blended with strawberries or something else to make it dessert-y).

The most inconvenient/time-consuming part is explaining to the people in the breakroom what I’m taking out of the fridge… hah!


On days I’m in the office, I’ll drink an 8oz glass in the morning and take a 20oz thermos to work with me. I’ll usually drink about half of it for lunch, and then the other half in the afternoon. I’ll then drink a 12 oz glass when I get home, and another around 8.


So far, I’ve been having a glass in the morning, filling up a 25oz thermos and drinking that through-out the work day, then finishing the rest over the course of the evening. I’m use one of these, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005EGY4IE/ref=pe_385040_30332190_TE_M3T1_ST1_dp_1 and have not felt the need to refrigerate it. I don’t really drink it all at lunch time, kind of just sip it through out the work day.


I’m also making about three “meals” worth a day, however, I don’t plan to consume them each in a single setting. I work in an office and normally keep hours from around 7am to 4pm-5pm.

My plan is to mix an entire day’s worth in the evenings and store in the pitcher. Each morning I’ll poor about 2/3 of the contents (about two meals worth) into a 25 ounce eco-vessel and consume that over the course of my workday. I’ll consume the remaining amount in the evening after I’m off.

This should spread the consumption pretty evenly so I have a constant supply of sustenance throughout the day without any spikes.


Here is my routine. Fill up the pitcher the night before.

In the morning, i fill this cup 3/4 full for “breakfast”.

Then I fill up a 24oz and a 20oz travel mug. I have these:


I get into work around 9:30…i take the 24oz and fill up one of the cups that i linked above that i keep at work around 12:30…Around 330 I have the 2nd cup which is the rest of the 24oz mug.

On the way home for my 35 min commute I drink the 20oz mug…

Around 7:30ish, i use whats left in the pitcher and have my last cup for the day…

thanks to @shadowhawkxx for the cup recommendations on both linked above…


So the reason why I bring my 750ml bottle full, is that it varies how hungry I am throughout the day. No exact science to consumption to digestion, to desire to eat. There are several factors that affect if I may end up more or less hungry.

If you want exacts, consume 1/3 of your yield in the morning, 1/3 at noon, and 1/3 at night. Adjust to how you feel.


It’s been 3+ weeks for me. I work from about 7:30AM to 6:30PM. I take a 700ml canister to work.

On days where I go to the gym or play sports I finish the whole bottle while at work, on days where I am going straight home I probably finish about 500 - 600ml. I’ve tended to have it from about 11:30AM to about 3:30PM, gradually when I feel the need arise.

I work in an office and I have found it extremely easy. I don’t feel hungry at work.


Interestingly, I sometimes can consume as little as 16-24oz throughout the workday, but if I consume 16oz as a meal (not spread over time) I get hungry real fast. I found this out today when I decided to drink 16oz for breakfast @9:30 then go shopping. I was so hungry by 11:30, I had to rush home so I wouldn’t stop at the nearest restaurant.



@soylentnoise that sounds like a sugar crash from the simple carbs in the product. I’m trying to figure this out to avoid getting hungry or sleepy in the afternoons. Sipping the product is ideal for the body but not for always our schedules.