Logistics of updating official versions of Soylent?


It must be challenging since they have to not only change the ingredients but they also have to reprint all the packaging (not including the oil), and do their best to go through all the old packaging from the previous version so as to not waste money and resources etc. I mean it’s not an impossible task by any means, but on the scale they’re producing this stuff it’s probably a bit of work. Luckily they’re packaging is very basic.


They could just make plain bags, and use stickers with the appropriate information depending on version. I’d think printing stickers would be cheaper than the bags themselves.


That assumes they pre-printed bags beyond whatever their order backlog is. They’re still not shipping on demand, so I imagine a certain volume of orders come in, they order the packaging while mixing, and then package. That’s my guess, based on working for a manufacturer, but not working in the manufacturing process.