Long-term Soylent on Tooth/Gum Health?

Someone I was discussing Soylent with raised a concern; what kind of effects on oral health would a liquid diet have over “normal” food?

The concern specifically was, since you don’t have to chew Soylent, that the teeth and gums won’t be as supportive over-time.

I haven’t heard of such a concern before, but I’m wondering if anyone else has any discussion to contribute about it? In a hypothetical situation, say I use Soylent exclusively for a year or two, and then attempt to eat a medium-well-done steak. Would I be able to chew the steak comfortably?

It’s advisable to keep chewing, it does indeed help keep the teeth healthy and the jaw strong. That said, even if you’re just eating a couple of meals a week it should be sufficient to maintain your oral health, if you prefer to go 100% Soylent you should consider chewing gum occasionally.

I actually tend to chew my soylent a bit anyway though, the protein particles just lend themselves to chewing for me.

For the most part, yes. I had jerky a while back, and while it definitely strained my muscles, I was still able to eat it comfortably and enjoyably. So if I can do jerky (and I do 100% Soylent most days), you should be fine with steak.