Long term storage of 1.6

What are your recommendations for extending the shelf life of 1.6? Store in original bags in gamma sealed buckets to keep out pests, deoxygenators, etc?

Cold and dark. But mostly cold. Oxygen isn’t an issue while it’s sealed.


What about resealing in nitrogen flushed containers?

Can you “can” mixed Soylent?

That could help, since there is probably a bit of oxygen in the bag, but it might be difficult to change containers asepticly.

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I suppose all the usual prepper tricks would work.

They sell mixed and canned soylent.


Dat shelf life tho


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It’s because of vitamins decay, with vitamin C decaying the fastest. All food does it. But it’s still safe to eat as long as it’s sealed, even 50 years from now, it just won’t be as nutritional complete.

And that date is a conservative estimate based on room temperature. Cold, dark, and lack of oxygen help slow it down.

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