Long term study guinea pig volunteer


If there is a long-term study planned for Soylent, I would like to volunteer.


Same here. Happy to participate.


I’d be interested. 27/Male


I would also be interested in this, should it occur.


Me as well. Im 40/Male, grossly out of shape and eat very badly. Soylent is going to be great for me.


I’d be happy to help if I can.


I’m super okay with this.


sign me up!

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Me too! Happy to help with any kind of study


Generally speaking, we already know the outcomes of a Standard American Diet. If I eat what everyone else eats, I’ll get what everyone else gets.

Around 12 years ago I went vegan. It’s not a perfect diet, but it’s an improvement. As convenient vegan options have increased over the years (in Kansas City, MO, no less!) my diet has been reflecting a Standard American Diet again. Taco Bell, vegan pizza delivery, chinese takeout, burgers & fries, etc. There’s a time and a place for such foods, but ‘all the time’ and ‘all the places’ probably isn’t the best.

I’m interested in participating in a long term study as well. Let do something different with a controlled, measured approach! For science!


We are omnivores. I think that Vegan is more healthy only because it “forces” you to watch what you eat. If you ate a balanced, omnivorous diet, youd be even more healthy. I know the vegan community will be out for blood, but remember, I’m an animal so dont kill me :smile:


We are opportunistic eaters. We do what we need to survive and we have the intelligence to make that happen. If you’re on this forum, chances are you live in a part of the world that’s modernized and affords you options for your survival.

As long as we get the nutrients we need, we survive. I’m guessing none of us are hunters & gatherers; we’re consumers. We acquire some form of currency to trade for food that someone else has produced. It’s why we go for convenience foods and why we want Soylent; they did the hunting and gathering for us.

In the end, nutrients are nutrients. Why would I be more healthy if some of the nutrients that I consume came from an animal versus other sources? Sure, if I lived in a zombie-apocalypse world I’d be raising chickens and hunting rabbits (after all, I need to survive!), but until then I have choices. Humans, cats, chickens, dogs, cows, rabbits, and pigs are all animals; we all evolved to have emotions to help guide behavior for survival (with varying amounts of logic and higher processing where natural selection deemed useful). The nutrients I need for survival can either come from lower-level lifeforms like plants and algae or higher-level life that can experience the fear, terror, and pain that I can relate with (which, obviously, sucks). So as long as there aren’t zombies I’ll choose the vegan and vegetarian options at restaurants and Soylent. :smiley:


If you really believe this, then why are you here? Soylent is practically vegan. According to your logic, you will not be getting a more healthy diet.


I’m in the same boat as you…I think Soylent will help a lot of people break their addicition to food.


Practically vegan is why its healthy. Its not all vegan. :slight_smile: Just messing with you. I know most vegan folks use the diet as a moral high ground and point of pride, so they are sensitive about it. Not sure if that is you, but I will be more careful in the future.

As for soylent, I am a little skeptical, but it will be an interesting experiment. No doubt someone can survive on this stuff, but can an athlete thrive on it? That’s my main interest.


Not vegan at all. One of my weekly conventional meals is a big fat steak and I use milk in my DIY. While I’m not an expert in any way I don’t think this is enough calories for an athlete. I believe they would need to supplement in some way. Most likely with more protein and more fat.

As far as overall health is concerned, I have known many vegies and vegans that lead perfectly healthy lives without animal protein. While I’m not going to cite any sources (too lazy), I’m pretty sure that there have not been any studies that show that a lack of animal protein is harmful to your health. I don’t think the body cares where it’s protein comes from as long as it has all of the right amino acids.

At least I hope not, otherwise, we are all in big trouble.


And I dont think Vegan’s are unhealthy per se, but I do think they are forced to think about what they are putting in their bodies which goes a long, long way for better health. I dont think the diet is better because its Vegan in that respect. Most Americans just dont think about what they are eating. I think we are praching to the choir here.

What I plan on doing is eat this for a month and go in for a blood test. I’m sure this can show some deficiencies. What do you think?


I’m not sure a month would be enough to register much change but certainly you would need a pre-test to be able to recognize any change.

I am 2 months in and can’t wait to see my test results in another month. I’ve got a unofficial bet with my endo about the results. She of course thinks I’m crazy and I can’t wait to see the look on her face.


Make sure you post here, that would be really cool


I am 15 years of age and have permission to engage in a study of Soylent’s nutritional properties on a teenagers body for a long period of time.