Long time users 90+%

Going 100% Soylent was honestly the only way I could reliably lose weight. Conventional dieting never worked for me because I just loved the taste of food too damn much, and I couldn’t physically control myself from eating more and more once I started to taste it. Honestly, it’s been a godsend once my gut microbiome fully adjusted to it.


I am not as hardcore as most here, by my figures Soylent is at best about 75% of my diet. Like Elija I devour the occasional pizza or burger, but for the most part I am eating way better than before. I also work at a computer and sit at a desk for 9 -10 hours a day and it was important for me to cut out routine junk. My routine food is healthier and when I have ‘special occasion’ food, I enjoy it more. My office has meetings that are catered and I usually partake in those but when I need to account for my breakfast and lunch, it is always Soylent. I have a family and am required to cook most nights so dinner is usually solid but maybe a couple days a week I do a Soylent dinner for me, usually when my wife and kids are doing leftovers. (like last night)…Overall I would say my health has improved, I am still a little doughy in the middle but I have dropped close to 45 pounds of fat in just over a year, and I say fat because I do resistance training and my muscle definition is better than it was 20 years ago when I was in the Marines. I will likely continue Soylent indefinitely as it meets my nutritional needs better than the crap I was eating before, and I enjoy it equally as much.


Yes! I was an early backer then anxiously waited once it was fully funded. Finally got it and have been 90-95% ever since. Starting with powder then when 2.0 came out completely ditched the powder and am completely on the drink. I also had the bars while they were a thing. Before Soylent I was eating bad Ramen noodles/hot pockets/pb&js everyday so I’m obviously eating better at this point. My skin has looked much much better, I have more energy and feel more healthy. No problems ever for me. I never had bad farts or bad anything really. BIG OL’ SOYLENT FAN!


I have been on soylent since launch, ~75% of my diet. I already ate healthy so the biggest improvement for me was more free time. Biggest drawback - It was frustrating to have to supplement with protein powder, and the macronutrient ratio didn’t allow me to switch over 100%. In January I switched to super athlete fuel and it definitely fits my lifestyle better. I still keep two weeks of soylent on hand as emergency food though.


I have been ~90% for a little over two years now. I absolutely love the stuff. I drink my 5 bottles a day and I mix some extra protein powder in as needed after workouts and for some flavour when I want it. It has allowed me to finally start building up muscle and inching towards my goals. Seeing Sisyphus post about “super athlete fuel” interests me but being in Canada makes it less compelling. Currently I am the strongest and most active I have ever been in my life. This is as much due to the 2hrs of workouts I do every day, but soylent has been providing me with all the fuel I need. Not once have I ever felt like its let me down on the energy front.


I have been on ~90%, with weird tweaks along the way [1], for around two years now. I’ve blogged about my experiences, but here’s a summary:

Oh Soylent 1.5… You were my first and I’ll never forget you. You showed me what it was to be liberated from food, as well as disturbingly revealing exactly how much I was willing to sacrifice to be liberated from it. The rice protein contained in Soylent 1.5 destroyed my digestive system and yet, I continued to consume it for almost a year because the alternative of going back to cooking was just too arduous.

All these problems were fixed with Soylent 1.6+

[1] Drinking pickle juice on 1.5 to help my digestion. Chewing crackers or hard-tac, because otherwise my body doesn’t know I’ve eaten. Weird nightly cravings for pizza.

That’s an interesting aside. Have you noticed when you drink Soylent that you do so with a bit of a “chewing motion” as you drink? It’s been discussed around here before and it’s something I definitely noticed straight away even from 1.0. I can’t drink it like I would milk, water, or anything else. My body just insists on chewing it… which makes no sense at all as it’s a liquid! But there it is. Go figure!

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Nah, no chewing motion for me. That might be why I’m more dependent on “chewing supplements” like hard-tac?

Yeah it certainly sounds like it. Though I still find the desire to munch on things quite regularly. I really REALLY hope they eventually develop Soylent crackers! That would be amazaballs.

I’m not a long time user, ot 90+% but I do notice that I chew a TON of gum on the days I do 60+%. Partially because I feel the need to chew and partially because I don’t love my breath after I’ve had Soylent, haha.

I’ve been using Soylent for a couple years. I’ve done everything up to 100% Soylent for some periods of time.

I always have Soylent for breakfast now, but have found over time that I NEED solid food for lunch. There is just something about looking forward to lunch time solid food when working a long day at the office.

Mostly though, I have actually gained weight on Soylent. I crave it; use it for late night snacks, breakfast, between lunch and dinner, while still eating more “real” meals than I should. It just does not fill me up for very long and is very high calorie.
I usually make a 2000 calorie pitcher a day, and try to share some with the fiance to reduce how much I consume.

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I’ve been a 90% user since April 2015. I never had any of the problems with gas or anything else that some reported, and the latest powder mix has been the best, in my opinion. Over time, I’ve learned to tweak the mix slightly for my needs – a bit of LorAnn Oil for different flavors, and some protein powder to support my workouts.

I haven’t had much success with getting others to try Soylent, other than my wife, who’ll have about 8 ounces a day, but I’ve been very happy using it for the bulk of my diet.


It sounds like you have a soylent addiction haha

Soylent makes 70% of my nutrition daily for 3 months and I’ve never felt better

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I’m jealous! It makes me feel awful and fatigued afterwards! It also doesn’t make me fee; "satisfied " either :frowning:I went on 100% soylent for 2 weeks and never felt so tired and drained in my life! I only drink soylent once or twice a month if I need to go to sleep very early >,< It knocks me out… Sadly, I have 3 full boxes of soylent and 4 bags and a tub left… Since you use soylent so much, is there any interest in you buying some? The boxes are unopened and so are the pouches (new) The tub is opened (but that’s just my little stash)

I use it because I feel off and am not loving eating food. what about the estrogen will there be long term side effects. I would like to see some posts of estrogen blood work after drinking it for a few months

Nobody should ever start out 100% Soylent. Seriously… just don’t do it. You will be miserable and not stick with it. I’ve only ever done 100% Soylent for the occasional day here or there, and never really intentionally. I use it whenever I don’t feel like dealing with preparing food. That just happens to be most of the time. I’m around 75% to 80% Soylent I’d say. Maybe a little more now that I have Squared too.

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I’m not wild that they switched to using Soy protein, but I searched and could not find a single, actual, non-pseudo-scientific or fear-mongering and anecdotal paper or report about the effects of Soy on estrogen levels especially in males. So I decided to not worry about it and have never been happier. Been… what now at least a couple years of RTD for us without so much as a hint of estrogen issues (and my other half gets regular thermography to monitor for signs of estrogen-sensitive breast cancer and actually her scans dramatically improved after Soylent). Maybe it’s been even longer I can’t even remember now but would never ever want to be without Soylent again. Still I look forward to a switch to algal protein, as long as it doesn’t wreck the neutral flavor profile.


still would like to see some blood work.

There’s been more than enough people getting their blood work done and no issues. I’m a 52 year old male and everything was 100% in the expected range (except vitamin D since I like living in a cave). Originally, my doctor was concerned until she saw the blood work come back great.