Long time users 90+%


I’ve been using Soylent for a couple years. I’ve done everything up to 100% Soylent for some periods of time.

I always have Soylent for breakfast now, but have found over time that I NEED solid food for lunch. There is just something about looking forward to lunch time solid food when working a long day at the office.

Mostly though, I have actually gained weight on Soylent. I crave it; use it for late night snacks, breakfast, between lunch and dinner, while still eating more “real” meals than I should. It just does not fill me up for very long and is very high calorie.
I usually make a 2000 calorie pitcher a day, and try to share some with the fiance to reduce how much I consume.


I’ve been a 90% user since April 2015. I never had any of the problems with gas or anything else that some reported, and the latest powder mix has been the best, in my opinion. Over time, I’ve learned to tweak the mix slightly for my needs – a bit of LorAnn Oil for different flavors, and some protein powder to support my workouts.

I haven’t had much success with getting others to try Soylent, other than my wife, who’ll have about 8 ounces a day, but I’ve been very happy using it for the bulk of my diet.


It sounds like you have a soylent addiction haha


Soylent makes 70% of my nutrition daily for 3 months and I’ve never felt better


I’m jealous! It makes me feel awful and fatigued afterwards! It also doesn’t make me fee; "satisfied " either :frowning:I went on 100% soylent for 2 weeks and never felt so tired and drained in my life! I only drink soylent once or twice a month if I need to go to sleep very early >,< It knocks me out… Sadly, I have 3 full boxes of soylent and 4 bags and a tub left… Since you use soylent so much, is there any interest in you buying some? The boxes are unopened and so are the pouches (new) The tub is opened (but that’s just my little stash)