Longer sense of time


Anyone else run across this feeling of days taking forever now? I noticed it immediately but attributed it to housesitting. This whole first week every day drags forever. A couple factors here: I’m a computer nerd that loves that feeling of losing myself in a strategy game or the myopia of a single big task at work. Maybe it’s the getting up to pee and get more water that are doing it.


I noticed that I could go to work without messing around with breakfast. Also that my energy was consistent all day long. I didn’t have crash between meals like when on solid food. Of course I had no issue filling the extra time with work, family and goofing off. :smile:


Yes I am on day 25 if 100% soylent and yes when I first started I noticed that all the time and it was AWFUL it made it so hard to stay 100% but now that I am back in school I love it I don’t notice the time in between meals at all I just eat whenever I’m hungry so it will most likely get better for you as you get busier and have more things to do.