Look what I brought to the office potluck


Soylent at the office potluck. It got a lot of laughs, and three of my colleagues tried it. I don’t think I made any converts though.


That is just awesome!


:slight_smile: Oh well. Maybe next time it’ll be better. jar didn’t help, maybe try better container with built in cooler.


I love my soylent but there is no way I would touch that. Of course I have my little food phobias so I wouldn’t eat anything somebody else cooked. :smile:

Better presentation would help though. I think that would be part of the hurdle. Of course 50 years from now it will be hard to get people to eat “regular” food.


“Does not contain people” was my favorite part is that


This is awesome, mind if I use it on our facebook, etc?


@JulioMiles Sorry about the delayed response. Of course you can use it