Look what I found on amazon




Jeez, is that for one day’s worth!? Tempted to report it for being a total ripoff.


Look at the Seller: SoylentBeige

And it’s not the first reselling on Amazon.


Wait, that shows a 1-week box… if that’s for a week’s worth, it’s a STEAL. Gotta be a single day, but it doesn’t appear to say.

I’m surprised to see it on Amazon though… there were so many hoops one had to jump through to get a product listed there. That was certainly my experience anyway. Maybe that was just using Fulfilled By Amazon.


Looks like I’m not the only countering Soylent Green comments by referring to it as Soylent Beige.

“Soylent Green is people!” " Yes, but Soylent Beige is vegan."


“Soylent 1.2 (Single pouch; 1-3 day supply)”


Ah ok, guess I didn’t spot that in the description.