Looking for Canadian Sources

Hello everyone, I’m currently working on a recipe, but I need some Canadian sources - I’ve only been able to find US ones. Here’s the recipe: https://diy.soylent.com/recipes/alternate-cnd-soylent-wip-need-help

Any ideas/suggestions?

You can get most of those ingredients on amazon.ca rather than .com, although the brands may be different so you should double-check nutritional info on them.

You can also look around at local health food shops like Choices or Nature’s Fare, and sports nutrition shops such as GNC. Some of the larger London Drugs locations would be worth checking out too; they carry some of that stuff and may be cheaper than speciality stores.

Lol, checked those places. My two main ingredients are required in bulk, and the prices listed on those sites are ludicrous. The whole point of this recipe is to make a cheaper alternative to soylent. ._.

You can drop the MSM your protein source should give you plenty.

Check the manganese info on the oat flour. I’m surprised you aren’t over the recommended UL.

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Have you considered alternative solutions, like immigrating to the US? :smiley: (Sorry, I don’t know anything about buying stuff in Canada. :cry:)

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I don’t know, we’ll see after the election. :wink: Honestly though, I’m a student. :neutral_face:

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Have you tried looking at some of the other Canadian recipes to see where they source their ingredients? You can sort the DIY site be country.

Made a lot of progress, working on a new recipe, all-Canadian. I’ll post it here after some touches for anyone who still wants to help.

New recipe, need help with Phosphorus: https://diy.soylent.com/recipes/core