Looking for comment from Soylent testers/users


Hey folks, I’m a journalist in San Francisco writing a story about Rob and the development of Soylent. It’s a pretty brief piece, but I’d love to chat with anyone who uses Soylent or has done so in the past.

If you were part of the Soylent trials or have been making your own based on this recipe, I’d like to talk to you about how your life has changed and why you made the switch—even if it was only temporary. If you’re up for it, get in touch via email using awawro [at] outlook dot com or leave your contact info here. Thanks!


I’m an undergraduate student at UC Riverside pursuing a BS in chemistry. For over a month now soylent has replaced 90% of my weekly meals. I’d be happy to offer any information I can to help you write your story.

Andrew Carlson


John Gaughan