Looking for Dutch DIYers for an article in 'Het Parool'


Are you a DIY-er in the Netherlands and want to spend your 15 minutes of fame? Opportunity rises…

Tomorrow morning I will be interviewed by ‘Het Parool’ - the Amsterdam newspaper - about my use of soylent. They will make a larger piece of it. The journalist (Lorianne van Gelder) told me @rob has confirmed his coöperation as well. I know her, she is experienced. Though the piece has to be ‘sound’ in journalistic terms (hear both sides), she intends to satisfy her own curiosity on the subject.

And she really would like to talk with more Dutch soylent-users.
If you would like to join, please send me an email. tmhlmr [at] gmail. com
I really would like it if more voices are heard.


Btw, are there any Dutch recipes out there? I’m having trouble sourcing affordable ingredients.


If you start a new thread, maybe I can help with what you’re looking for. I did some soylent over the summer, and I have found everything I was looking for eventually.

As for Tom’s conundrum, I am unfortunately not available tomorrow. I believe @Mqrius is in The Netherlands, too. You might be able to find more via the search function.


Correct. The second row of my spreadsheet has my sources. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aginfn56EnJmdGtwOUt5NGZzQmxfb2NKLUpGNEcydEE


Thanks @Rick. Little misunderstanding: the interview tomorrow is planned a deux. But for her story she would like to have other ‘sources’ as well.

I for myself am also quiete moderate in my use of soylent. I think about 50% of my calories. So, more heavy users would be nice too. Would you be interested @Mqrius ?


Reads up further than the message in which he was mentioned

Hey, cool :slight_smile: Yeah I’m interested, but I don’t have time tomorrow morning. I assume that’s not a problem and we can schedule it at a different date? I’m indeed a heavy user. Basically full-time, since 3 months ago. I’ve sent you an email. Let me know what I need to do!


I haven’t tried Rob’s blend though, so not sure if I’m representative. Then again, hardly anyone has tried Rob’s blend.


I never tried his blend either. That doesn’t matter. Its not a product review. Its our story. :stuck_out_tongue: