Looking for Feedback on Greece #1 (an Off-the-Shelf solution)


Just wanted to get people’s input on a recipe I came up with using only on-hand supplies. Plan is to make a day or two’s worth in the next couple of days, and if the taste is okay, not have any food until all of that is gone.
Next step will be ordering all components in pure bulk.

Bottom line is I just want to double check with the community to make sure that there’s no glaring flaws in this recipe, since I’m planning to use it as a baseline going forward.

Additionally, does anyone know a bulk replacement for Nature’s Way Alive! Liquid Multivitamin in terms of the <100mg components? (all of the silly veggie mushroom stuff not required) Clarification, I mean a lot of the components at once, but for lack of that a place you can order each one from the left column.



A couple quick comments:

If “Olive Oll” is Olive Oil, shouldn’t that have an Omega 6/3 quantity?

You may have some difficulty accurately measuring 6.13 pills and 58.85ml of liquids. I would think that unless you know that your body needs exactly the values that this recipe provides, it might not be worth the preparation time to get those fractional values.


Why is it called Greece?
Are you Greek? In which case haha you’re the only country to have a worse economic collapse than the U.S.


Yes, the collapse is so bad that the daily cost of the recipe is $24, 25% higher than the next most expensive recipe in the database :grinning:
Italy, spain… It’s everywhere. U.S. just had a perfect credit score and artificially value (without deserving it for a decent time before the collapse already)

Sooo… I just made it.
I got decent precision by making 4 servings at the same time, which I’ll be consuming with one more person for the next two days.
The Kloref fizzy tablets were dissolved in excessive liquid, should have used less liquid but hot, and the Sopa-K syrup added another 200 ml (the whole bottle)
So in addition to all the oil and 400ml of soy drink, 3/4 of a cup of mostly aqueous solution went in, making the four daily portions much stickier and raising the weight to 3kg for 4 servings. It is colored a grass green, and looks like a sesame + honey bar. But green. Tastes sweet but a bit simple, smells delicious though. All of the tablets except MSM went in the mix, they were yummy. MSM was ungodly bitter, on par with aspirin, and quite an amount, about as much if powdered as everything else from pills combined, so it will be taken throughout the day as pills. It’s night now, we will begin consumption in the morning. Omega3 is at 75% according to ratio, but well fulfils the RDI. A bit disappointed in lecithin because of its saturated fat and an almost 10:1 Omega6/Omega3 ratio. Was hoping to use it for all my choline needs, to make the texture stable. Even more disappointed by olive oil, which also has a more than 10:1 /!\ Omega6/Omega3, thanks for pointing it out, @Defender.


Pretty much. And we’re starting to lose that, too. Doesn’t help having presidents that continually start wars.

As far as olive oil goes, you can replace it with canola oil which has a 2:1 ratio of n-6/n-3 or you can add flaxseed oil to balance it out.

Wow $24 a day? I couldn’t spend that much here if I lived exclusively off of uncut diamonds. Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration but still, wow lol.


The recipe seems very good.

The oats dont have any micros. Considered lost due to phytic acid?

As said, a bit more omega 3 may be good.

Should add more vitamin D (factor in the sunlight you take) as Vitamins A and D work better in balance. Add a bit more Vitamin K for the same reason.

Maybe you only need 2 MSM pills. Its not clear if @rob is refering to 2g of methylsulfonylmethane or of sulfur in his 3º month post.

Aren’t you overdoing the fiber?



Couldn’t find anything remotely close to this kind of powdered oats, and pretty sure they were powdered through a wet process so they could potentially have been dissolved out. Its not a large amount in this recipe, but I would love to have some advice about what those contain.

Only added minerals myself, vitamins are from the Alive! Liquid. I’ll take that into account when mixing vitamins from powders.

Since to supposedly “protect” people, there aren’t too many recipe writeups, I [originally went with this.][1]
(Of course I verified it in the process of gathering ingredients, and learned many other things)
But it suggested 6g of MSM powder, so in my case 6 pills of 1000mg MSM is what’s equivalent.
Additionally, MSM is just the commonly supplemented form, the one we get from whole food sources is different, and all the nutrient profiles on the app, @rob’s or government, try to get 2g of that element overall, so there’s no sign an MSM equivalent might be in use.

Wow, good point. I am going with the minimum according to Rob’s profile, since the rest of the food is compact unlike in a traditional diet, but I might drop it at least to 35 g, since it is rather thick, if it seems like a burden to consume the whole thing.
[1]: http://soylentmaker.com/the-beginners-diy-soylent-recipe/


I also happen to be in greece. Mine is 5.5 euro per day. You’re doing something wrong…use more ebay and amazon.co.uk


What’s the fun in that -.-

Does purebulk deliver here, do you know?


It does. But you have to make a 220 pounds order to get free shipping for greece. Not cool.

I know its fun for my pocket and clock. These are enough to make me happy :smiley: