Looking for feedback


Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could get some opinions on my soylent recipe. I have already made several iterations of the recipe but I think having some more eyes on it would be very valuable. I generally eat my soylent for three out of my five meals a day which is why some of the vitamins/minerals are a little lower. Does anyone have any comments or concerns about my recipe, I am mostly trying to iron out any health concerns but any feedback what so ever would be greatly appreciated.

Link to my recipe:

I also have two more questions:
Does soy lecithin need to be stored in the fridge or freeze?

When it comes to the potassium I notice many people use the powdered form such as myself. On the potassium I use it says to not take more than four servings of 1.74g a day (this is why I have kept my potassium lower). I have found in other recipes people seem to ignore this and include over double the daily recommended amount such as 15+g. Is this safe in soylent to include over the recommended daily dosage?



The lecithin granulas can be stored at room temperature.

I don’t know how it is in Canada but here in the US by law OTC potassium supplements are only supposed to supply 99mg of potassium. IMO this is silly considering the FDA’s DRI is 4.7g. I supplement to this value in my recipes. Whether this is safe or not I can’t say. So far so good for me.